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The ABRITES Vehicle Diagnostic Interface - AVDI is the latest generation diagnostic interface produced by Abrites ltd. for cars, bikes, trucks, water scooters, ATVs and heavy duty vehicles. It is the basis upon which the whole ABRITES products ecosystem is founded. AVDI is incredibly versatile, offering support for nearly all vehicle brands on the market.

The ABRITES Vehicle Diagnostics Interface is a powerful tool which offers support for 99 % of all automotive brands on the road. AVDI allows standard and advanced diagnostic procedures, as well as hundreds of complex operations, such as key programming, Engine Control Unit programming, module replacement, cluster calibration.

AVDI is your most powerful ally. The PassThru driver available in all AVDIs is an invaluable tool allowing you to work with original equipment manufacturer software (OEM), when necessary as well as a vast array of special functions allowing them to get the full experience of our products straight away. You can find details of those by brand listed below. The J2534 PassThru driver is compatible with the international SAE standards, and emulates different interface units in order to access 3rd party software products. This means, that you can access original equipment manufacturer products and work with them via AVDI, no need for additional tools. It saves time and expenses, leaving you and your customers happy.

AVDI is compatible for standard and advanced diagnostics with most brands and models, such as Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, Porsche, Lamborghini (VAG), Mercedes-Benz (passenger vehicles, truck and even buses), Smart, BMW, Mini, Rolls Royce, Toyota, Lexus, Peugeot, Citroen, Renault, Dacia, and many more! Heavy-duty, agricultural, recreational and maritime vehicles are also supported (J1939 compliant).

Standard diagnostic capabilities:

  • Complete vehicle scan
  • Module identification – see all modules in the vehicle, complete with VIN and part numbers (where applicable)
  • Reading and clearing diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs)
  • Live data display – see live data from the sensors in the vehicle in real time
  • Actuator testing – identify any possible issues in the car by performing actuator tests
  • Coding operations

The basic software also allows advanced procedures (for a selection of brands) such as:

  • Adaptation of new modules
  • Reset of used modules
  • Key programming
  • Instrument cluster calibration/Mileage recalibration
  • Airbag renew
  • Change software version of modules where applicable (updates)

Advanced diagnostics:

  • Calibrations
  • Configuration settings
  • Coding options
  • Diagnostic channel adaptations
  • Guided functions
  • Hundreds more, depending on the brand

See complete list of basic AVDI functionalities HERE.

The ABRITES ecosystem is a vast network of software and hardware symbiosis. Using ABRITES software licenses your AVDI can work with more than 40 brands of vehicles for the following procedures:

  • Key programming: ALL KEYS LOST and spare key addition
  • Cluster calibration: odometer calibration for replacement and retrofitting purposes
  • Module renewal: reset second-hand modules to use as replacement units
  • Module adaptation: adapting new and second-hand modules in vehicles
  • ECU-related procedures: reading and programming Engine Control Units

See ALL software licenses for each brand in the online shop HERE.

AVDI can be used to connect and work on all types of vehicles:

  • Cars
  • Vans
  • Trucks
  • Buses
  • Bikes
  • Recreational (ATVs, snowmobiles)
  • Maritime (waterscooters, boats)
  • Heavy-duty
  • Agricultural
  • Industrial
  • (J1939 compliant vehicles)


In some cases AVDI may require additional hardware, such as cables, adapters and programmers in order to complete a task. Find the most needed hardware below:

  • PROTAG Key and Transponder Programmer (ZN003)
  • ABPROG (ZN030)
  • RH850/V850 Programmer (ZN085)
  • Distribution Box (ZN051)

AVDI is compatible with all Abrites diagnostic software:

SAE J2534 PassThru compliant driver:

  • Compatible with many 3rd party diagnostic software
  • VCI emulator which enables AVDI to emulate different interface units (e.g. K-line interface and ELM327 interface)

J2534 PassThru compatibility:

  • BMW - DIS over K-line and CAN bus
  • BMW - E-Sys, INPA, EDIABAS, NCS Expert, NFS over K-line and CAN bus
  • BMW Rheingold ISTA-P
  • BMW  
  • MINI    
  • Bombardier diagnostic software
  • Mercedes DAS/Xentry - Star Diagnosis
  • Mercedes    
  • Evinrude Diagnostics
  • FCA  
  • Ford Scanner
  • FORD  
  • GM - Tech2Win, GDS2 and SPS diagnostic software
  • GM  
  • Honda/Acura HDS
  • HONDA    
  • Hyundai/KIA GDS
  • KIA    
  • Jaguar Land Rover Symptom Driven Diagnostics (JLR SDD)
  • JAGUAR    
  • LAND ROVER    
    Mitsubishi MUT3
  • Nissan Consult III+
  • NISSAN  
  • Land Rover/Jaguar IDS
  • Subaru Select Monitor III
  • SUBARU  
  • Suzuki/Yamaha Marine Diagnostics
  • Toyota/Lexus/Scion Techstream
  • TOYOTA    
  • LEXUS  
  • Volvo VIDA
  • VOLVO  
  • VW/Audi/Seat/Skoda/Bentley/Lamborghini ODIS
  • VW    
  • AUDI  
  • SKODA  
  • SEAT  
  • BENTLEY    
  • Webasto TT
  • VCI emulator which enables AVDI to emulate different interface units (e.g. K-line interface and ELM327 interface)


  • Supporting external communication link with our transponder programmer - ZN003 PROTAG V2
  • Supporting external communication link with our IC programmer - ABPROG
  • TÜV Rheinland certified
  • GS certified
  • Compliant with the following European Directives:
  • 2004/108 / EC
  • 2006/95 / EC
  • 2011/65 / EU
  • 2012/19 / EU
  • And meets the following safety norms: EN61010-1: 2010, EN61326-1: 2013.
  • Dimensions:

13x5x25 cm

  • Weight:

0,6 kg

  • K-line ISO 9141 (100 mA) multiplexed to 24 different pins of the diagnostic connector
  • ISO14230 compliant
  • SAE J1850 VPW, PWM compliant (additional adapter required)
  • Single wire CAN bus multiplexed to different pins of diagnostic connector
  • Dual wire low speed CAN bus multiplexed to different pins of diagnostic connector
  • Dual wire high speed CAN bus multiplexed to different pins of diagnostic connector
  • CAN bus GMLAN,  ISO14229, ISO15765, J1939, ISO22901 compliant
  • Analog Input USB interface to the PC Supply voltage 8..30V DC OBDII cable
  • Updatable firmware




CR007 - Engine Control Unit Flash Manager
Read/write Data Flash and Program Flash for EDC15C2 and EDC16CP31 ECUs

DF002 - Key Programming

FN007 - Transponder Maker
FN008 - Key Learning
FN011 - BCM Read/Update
FN012 - BCM and Key Manager
FN013 - Instrument Cluster Data Manager
FN017 - PIN and Key Manager for FCA vehicles

FR005 - Instrument Cluster Module Recalibration
FR009 – Airbag
Airbag clear crash data and renew - RCM module with the following processor: XC23xx data flash for FORD/Mazda/JLR and Volvo, as well as TMS470 + EEPROM 25320/25640 for Ford/JLR

HK007 - Instrument Cluster, Engine Control Data Manager

JL002 - Key Learning
JL003 - Cluster Calibration
JL004 - Key Learning (DPLA, FK72, HPLA)
JL005 - Key learning (2018-2020)

Mercedes Online- CPC modifications by OBDII - VMAX limiter removal/ Exhaust flaps adjustment/ Torque limiter adjustment
SCN coding completely by OBDII by using Mercedes Online (no Xentry online account is required)
MN002 - Cluster Calibration by OBD (K-Line), Assyst Plus ( Mileage calibration – both SAM module and instrument cluster)
MN003 – Airbag (Clear crash data from Bosch/Temic/TRW airbags up to 2010)
MN004 - TV/AUX, Seatbelt, Reverse warning, Gulf states (Enable Video in Motion – either by using Mercedes Offline or Mercedes Online)
MN005 - Key Programming, Immo read/update (Key programming by dump (DAS 2/2a/2b)
MN006 - ECU Read/Update Flash
MN007 - CGW (Central Gateway) Read/Update ConfData (SOFTOUCH activation - switching from semi-automatic to automatic transmission), Gearbox adaptation
MN008 - SMART Key Learning, Emergency start – models 451, 454 ( Key programming – models 450, 451, 452, 454 ), Cruise control activation
MN009 - Cluster Calibration for SMART after 2007
MN010 - Cluster Calibration for S-Class W221/CL W216 and Sprinter, Vito, Viano (after 2006)
MN011 - CAN Dash Cluster Calibration - W211, W219, W164, W251, W203...
MN012 - Cluster Calibration - Mercedes, Smart
MN013 – Airbag – clear crash data
MN014 - Cluster Calibration in Dash in SMART 2007+ and in SAM module (451)
MN015 - Cluster Calibration - Mercedes
MN016 - Cluster Calibration for W204/W212/W207/W197/X204/w218
MN017 - Cluster Calibration for W220/W215; Read/Update ConfData of W220/W215/W169/W245/W221/W216 (Reflashing and renewal of SAM module and SAM/ECM synchronisation), Cluster calibration and adaptation for vehicles up to 2014
MN018 - Key Learning (DAS2, DAS2A, DAS2B, DAS3), Virgin ECU, SBC Repair (SBC counter reset), Repair Start Error
MN019 - Electronic Transmission Control (722.9) and ISM renew ( 7-G Tronic Databse for TCU reflashing)
MN020 - Instrument Cluster Data Manager ( Mileage calibration )
MN021 - TV (TV In Motion), ECU, Airbag Manager
MN026 - Key Programming, EIS/ESL/DAS Manager/7-Gear ETC/ISM/Infra Red and password reader/Personalization/Activation/Coding
MN028 - Instrument Cluster Data Manager, TV (TV In Motion), ECU, Airbag Manager

MI003 - ECU Read/Update Flash - Reading of EDC15 engine control units (ECU)
MI005 - Electronic Control Unit reprogramming ( EDC15 engine control units (ECU) reprogramming)
MI007 - PIN and Key Manager

ON007 - Tech2Win Driver
ON010 - Engine Control Unit Flash Manager

RR002 - Key learning
RR003 - ClioIII, Modus, MasterIII, Logan, Traffic
RR005 - Key learning
RR006 - Megane III key learning
RR007 - Updated SW key learning
RR008 - Clio IV key learning
RR010 - Clio IV key learning
RR012 - Twingo III key learning
RR015 - Smart 453 key learning

SB001 - Subaru Key learning and smart system reset

TS001 - Tesla Key Programming for Model S
TS002 - Tesla Airbag Manager

TN004 - Key Programming
TN005 - Advanced diagnostic functionality. Key programming (Immo Box – mechanical keys – requires ZN039-2)
TN006 - Advanced key programming by diagnostics (Smart Key programming – requires ZN039-2)
TN007 - Advanced diagnostic functionality and key programming (Smart Keys programming for models up to 2016/2017)
TN008 - Advanced diagnostic functionality and key programming (incl. mechanical H keys)
TN010 - Mileage recalibration

AN002 - Cluster CAN - Calibration
AN003 - Cluster PIN-CAN - Calibration
AN004 - Immo panel – Read PIN
AN005 - Immo panel EDC16 - Read PIN&CS
AN006 - Cluster K-Line - Calibration
AN007 - ECU ConfData – Read ECU EEPROM
AN008 - Flash Counters
AN010 - Airbag ConfData – Airbag reset
AN011 - TV Configuration – TV in motion
AN012 - EDC16 calibration – mileage in ECU
AN014 - EDC17 PIN – Read Immo Data PIN&CS from ECU
AN015 - Flash Memory ECU – by OBD
AN018 - Dealer key learning Q7- spare key (2006 - 2008)
AN019 - Prepare Dealer Key Q7 – spare key (2006 - 2008)
AN021 - ME7 ConfData – read and write ECU EEPROM all by OBD
AN023 - VW Crafter – Read/Write ECU ConfData, Key learning, ECU and Immobilizer Diagnotics, Remote Control Diagnostic, ECU ConfData in Direct Mode, ECU Adaptation (Autodetect/Manually enter ECU PIN/CS)
AN024 - Key learning for EDC16 models – If PIN and CS are known
AN025 - EDC16/MED9/Simos PIN/CS – Read Immo Data
AN026 - Dealer key learning
AN027 - Q7 2008+
AN028 - Cluster CAN UDS
AN029 - IMMO Data Immobiliser/ECU
AN030 - Key Adaptation (All VAG Models)
AN031 - Dealer Key Preparation – Models up to 2012
AN032 - Security code by CAN
AN033 - ECU ConfData (EDC15, ME7.x.x) – Read ECU EEPROM by OBD
AN034 - Cluster - PIN/Calibration – K-Line – Mileage for all Models up to MY 2006
AN036 - Airbag (K-Line/CAN) – Airbag reset for models up to MY 2008
VN006 - Immo III/IV Megamos 48 Key Programming
VN012 - Security data extraction for VAG vehicles with Magneti Marelli 9GV ECU
VN013 - ECU authorization for all Immo 3 and Immo 4 vehicles

VL003    - Instrument Cluster Data Manager
VL004    - HITAG 2 Key Learning and Central Car Configuration

Other functionalities already included in AVDI Base for VAG:

- Diagnostic channel adaptations
- Key programming by channel if the PIN is known (done in diagnostics in Instrument Cluster)
- Guided functions for ECU, Instrument cluster, Navigation, Steering wheel, Electronic parking brake, Telephone, Comfort module and Body Control Module (enable/disable)
- Enable video in motion for MMI 2G and 3G
- Steering lock adaptation (done in diagnostics on a separate channel)
- 7-digit to 4-digit PIN conversion
- DPF remove by DUMP – EDC16 (checksum needed), EDC17
- Key Programming, Mileage Calibration and module replacement for all VAG Immo III and III+ vehicles

Abrites Common User Manual
J2534 PassThru driver User Manual


Base Software

Base Software

I18 - USB Interface with cable set(OBDII+USB)

I18 - USB Interface with cable set(OBDII+USB)

AVDI - ABRITES Vehicle Diagnostics Interface

The ABRITES Vehicle Diagnostics Interface is the ultimate diagnostic tool for cars, bikes, trucks, buses, snowmobiles, ATVs, marine, agricultural and heavy-duty vehicles.

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Ford Mondeo 2017 All Keys Lost - Key Programming with AVDI


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2016 Toyota Yaris Hybrid all keys lost- key programming with AVDI by OBD


2016 Ford Transit Custom - All Keys Lost key programming using Abrites Diagnostics for Ford


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BMW Bike S1000R All Keys Lost- Key programming using AVDI


Renault Trafic III all keys lost- key programming with AVDI


Renault Kadjar 2019 - All Keys Lost keyless key programming using AVDI


Peugeot 3008 II (Delphi UDS 2016+) All Keys Lost key programming


Mercedes FBS4 VGSNAG2 TCU renew procedure using AVDI and MN027


Mercedes S63 AMG Coupe Video In Motion coding activation using AVDI


Using an Abrites Field Detector to identify problems with IGN coil on E90


W221 EZS/EIS password reading fully automated with AVDI and DS-Box


Clio V spare key programming using AVDI


Range Rover 2019 All Keys Lost - Key programming using Abrites TA57 keys and JL005


2018 Nissan Kicks keyless- Key programming when all keys are lost using AVDI


Toyota Corolla 2020 Hybrid ID-Box Reset & Smart System Synchronization


Toyota Corolla/Camry 2020 All Keys Lost - Key Programming using AVDI and TN011


2020 Mazda CX30 All Keys Lost- Key programming using MZ001 and AVDI


2020 Land Rover Defender All Keys Lost - Key Programming using AVDI and JL006


VW Golf VII DSG TCU replacement and adaptation using AVDI


Subaru BRZ - spare key and all keys lost key programming (on-screen) using AVDI


Updating Abrites Mercedes ESL Emulator EM001 on bench using ZN051 Distribution Box


2014 Audi Q5 All Keys Lost - Key Programming by unlocking the BCM2 unit using AVDI and VN020


2021 Range Rover Sport All Keys Lost - Key Programming using AVDI and EM015


2017 Range Rover Evoque ECU Adaptation using Module Initilisation


2021 Nissan Qashqai J12 Key Programming using AVDI and NN009


Tesla Model S Key Programming using TS001 and ZN077


2015 BMW F10 (CAS4 )All Keys Lost- Key programming with AVDI


2017 Porsche Cayenne - Long Coding and Video in Motion Activation using AVDI


2015 Honda Civic All Keys Lost key programming


2021 Honda CR-V All Keys Lost Key Programming using AVDI


We are Abrites


2021 Hyundai Kona Electric All Keys Lost Key Programming using AVDI


2021 Toyota Highlander Key Cloning using AVDI, PROTAG and TA68


2021 Toyota Highlander All Keys Lost Key Programming


BMW F-Series FEM Key Programming with AVDI


Renault New Zoe Mileage Recalibration using AVDI


Renault Clio V Mileage Recalibration using AVDI


PSA BSI restore using AVDI


Mercedes Actros Truck All Keys Lost Key Programming


Mercedes Actros Truck ECU/TCU Exchange Using AVDI and MN031


2017 BMW X6 F16 (equipped with a BDC module) All Keys Lost Key Programming Fully by OBDII


2019 MINI (equipped with a BDC module) All Keys Lost


Mercedes GLA W156 Halogen to LED Headlights Retrofit


Mercedes Actros MCM/ ACM Programming Procedures by OBDII using AVDI


Mercedes GLE ECU FBS4 Exchange using AVDI


2020 KIA Sportage Extracting PIN from a working key


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2017 Setra 515HD Bus All Keys Lost Key Programming


2021 Mercedes-Benz eVito Speed Limit Calibration


2013 Mercedes-Benz W176 A-class FBS3 ESL replacement with EM001


2021 BMW X4 (G02) M DME Exchange


2021 Land Rover Defender All Keys Lost Solution - KP002


FBS4 ESL/ELV Repair Procedure on Bench


FBS4 ESL/ELV Repair in a W247 Mercedes-Benz B-class


ABRITES RH850/V850 Programmer in Action! Mileage Recalibration: VDO MQB Virtual Cockpit 70F3526 V850


Peugeot 308 III Adding a Spare Key Using AVDI


Peugeot 308 III All Keys Lost Key Programming Using AVDI


2020 KIA Niro EV - Key Reset to New Using AVDI and PROTAG


Tesla Model 3 Airbag Module Reset Without Removing It


2023 Toyota Corolla All Keys Lost/Add Spare Key BA Type HT-AES keys


2023 Toyota Yaris Cross All Keys Lost/Add Spare Key BA Type HT-AES keys


2023 Toyota RAV4 Plug-in Hybrid All Keys Lost/Add Key, BA Type DST-AES keys


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ABRITES RH850/V850 Programmer Reading a VDO MQB Analogue Dashboard with RH850 processor R7F701407


JCI Analogue Dashboard V850 D70F3532 Mileage Recalibration Using the ABRITES RH850/V850 Programmer


ISM/DSM Cloning for FBS4 Mercedes-Benz Vehicles Using ZN086


BMW CAS3, CAS3+ Restore to Original State Using AVDI


Toyota Land Cruiser J300 ALL KEYS LOST Key Programming using AVDI and PROTAG


FBS4 ECU Virginisation, Personalisation and Activation on a 2015 Mercedes-Benz S Coupé


Dacia Jogger 2022 All Keys Lost Key Programming


Hyundai Tucson 2021 VIN Calibration


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Basic AVDI for VAG vehicles: Soft Close and Green Menu Activation


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