The ABRITES diagnostic software for Ford/Mazda allows users to perform standard and advanced diagnostics by OBD. It is used exclusively with AVDI (Abrites Vehicle Diagnostics Interface) and offers a useful range of functionalities listed below.


Our diagnostic software for Ford/Mazda vehicles supports models up to 2022. It enables users to complete common tasks by OBDII, such as:

Reading and clearing of DTCs
• Module identification
• Extended module identification
• Service interval reset
• Actuator tests
• Measured values

Programmable Module Installation (PMI) DPF regeneration, Speed Limiter modification, and a wide range of service functions are also available as standard diagnostic capabilities. PMI functionality is used to perform ECU exchange for various models of Ford and Mazda.

VID (Vehicle Identification) and CCC (Central Car Configuration) can be accessed in the Service functions menu. Both contain the vehicle’s configuration and the optional equipment that could be added to it. The former is stored in the ECU and is applicable for vehicles manufactured until 2005, and the latter, is stored in the BCM of vehicles from 2006 onwards. CCC allows upgrades and downgrades to be performed to the vehicles, without affecting their performance.


The latest addition to the AVDI base software package includes Airbag Clear Crash Data and Renew functionality! With the basic AVDI solution you can renew and clear the data of the Airbag without the need to purchase any additional products.


Key programming is available as an ABRITES special function FR008, part of the advanced diagnostic functionalities we offer. The following are all available completely by OBDII:

• Spare key programming

•  perform Incode to Outcode calculations

Our key and remote control programming solution is excellent for locksmiths who value their time and effort, and want to optimise the execution of their daily tasks.
The latest additions to supported vehicles are Ford Transit 2018+, Ford F150 2018+, Ford Fiesta 2017+, Ford Focus 2019+, EcoSport 2017+., as well as Mazda (up to 2019), Lincoln and Mercury vehicles up to 2021.

Using the latest functionality of the ZN085 ABRITES RH850/V850 Programmer - FR011, you can now program keys to the latest Ford models, including the F150 2021+, Maverick 2023+, and Mustang Mach-e 2021+, equipped with RH850 processors.

All Keys Lost key programming
Spare key programming
PATS Initialization
Supported models:
F150 2021+
Ford Maverick 2023+
Ford Mustang Mach-e 2021+
Models equipped with RH850 processors in the BCM

In order to complete the procedures, you need the ZN085 ABRITES RH850/V850 Programmer and the FR008 license.

The Mazda key programming special function MZ001supports Mazda 3/CX-30 vehicles manufactured after 2020 for spare key and All Keys Lost key programming.


Edge 2014+ HITAG PRO keys ( ID60 and ID70 ) - blade and smart

Edge 2006-2010

Escape 2006-2011

Explorer 2015+ HITAG PRO keys ( ID60 and ID70 ) - blade and smart

Explorer 2005-2009

Expedition 2005-2009

F150 2005-2009

Fx50 2005-2009

Ex50 2005-2009

F150 2015+ HITAG PRO keys ( ID60 and ID70 ) - blade and smart

Fiesta V (CAN)

Fiesta VI 2008+

Focus II 2004

B-Max 2012+

C-MAX 2010+

C-MAX 2015+ (regular key/smart key)

EcoSport 2019

Fiesta 2013+

Flex 2006-2010

Fiesta 2017+

Focus 2015+ (regular key/smart key)

Focus 2019+

Focus 3 2011+

Galaxy 2010+

Kuga 2013+

Mondeo MK4 2010+

S-MAX 2010+

Transit courier 2015+ (regular key/ smart key)


Fusion 2013+ HITAG PRO keys ( ID60 and ID70 ) - blade and smart

Galaxy III 2006+

KA 2002-2008 (CAN)

KA 2015+ South American market


Lincoln - MKS, MKX,MKT.MKZ 2006-2010

Lincoln MKC 2014+ HITAG PRO keys ( ID60 and ID70 ) - blade and smart

Lincoln MKS 2013+ HITAG PRO keys ( ID60 and ID70 ) - blade and smart

Lincoln MKX 2014+ HITAG PRO keys ( ID60 and ID70 ) - blade and smart

Lincoln MKZ 2014+ HITAG PRO keys ( ID60 and ID70 ) - blade and smart

Lincoln Navigator 2015+ HITAG PRO keys ( ID60 and ID70 ) - blade and smart

Mazda 2 2006+

Mazda 3 2006+

Mazda 3 2015+

Mazda 6 2006+

Mazda 6 Third generation - 2013+

Mazda CX-5 2013+

Mazda CX3 2015+

Mondeo 2015+ HITAG PRO keys ( ID60 and ID70 ) - blade and smart

Mondeo IV 2007+

Mustang 2015+ HITAG PRO keys ( ID60 and ID70 ) - blade and smart


S-MAX 2015+ HITAG PRO keys - blade and smart

Taurus 2014+ HITAG PRO keys ( ID60 and ID70 ) - blade and smart

Tourneo Connect

Transit 2006+

Transit Connect 2007+

Mazda 3 2020+

Mazda CX-30 2020+

NEW: Key learning by RH850 dump for Ford vehicles (2021+)


Key Programming for Mazda 3/CX-30 2020+


Key Manager, Advanced Diagnostic Functionality



PATS initialisation is a much sought-after software feature by automotive professionals.
Our team knows that and has developed a powerful tool for Ford vehicles in that regard - the Abrites special function FR010.
This product allows PATS initialisation to be performed on Ford vehicles after 2014.
The latest development for Mazda by Abrites allows module replacement in their newest models.
Initialisation of all PATS-related modules in Mazda vehicles (ECU(PCM), BCM, ABS etc.) is made possible with the MZ002 special function which supports Mazda 3 and Mazda CX-30 2020+, as well as all other models based on the same platform.

PATS Initialization for Mazda 3/CX-30 2020+


PATS Initialisation (2014+)



FR005 Instrument Cluster Module Calibration is a special function dedicated to the reading and updating of the internal configuration data of instrument clusters in Ford and Mazda vehicles up to 2017, allowing the calibration of these modules.
All of the procedures are done by OBDII (diagnostic connector).


Crown Victoria 2006+

E150-E350 2006+


Edge 2007+

Escape 2006+

Ex50 2005+

Expedition 2004+

Explorer 2004+

F150 2005+

F150-F350 2006+

Fiesta (CAN)

Fiesta USA 2010+

Flex 2006+

Flex 2007+

Focus USA 2005+

Ford Focus II 2004+

Ford Mondeo 2015

Freestar 2006+

Freestyle 2006+


Fusion USA 2006+

Fx50 2005+

Galaxy III 2006+

Grand Marquis 2006+


Mondeo IV High Line 2007+

Mustang 2006+

Ranger 2004+


Tourneo Connect

Town Car 2005+

Transit Connect 2007+

Instrument Cluster Module Recalibration


2020 Mazda CX30 All Keys Lost- Key programming using MZ001 and AVDI

Mazda CX-30 Key Programming