Support plan

The ABRITES Support Plan is an annual subscription which provides access to the ABRITES ticketing system. The Abrites Support Plan Service (SPS)allows the customers to receive technical support from the ABRITES Support team.
The team will analyze, detect, determine and provide possible solutions to issues that customers may face while using the ABRITES products. The SPS works in written form using a ticketing platform. Once the SPS is purchased, an account in the platform is created for each customer where all the problem solving takes place instead of email. If the customer is registered with an ABRITES partner, the ticket submission will be done by the partner and an individual account will NOT be created for the customer. The interval for initial response on behalf of ABRITES is up to 2 hours from case registration during business days if your Support Plan Service is active.

In order to provide improved customer support service, we have adopted a new ticketing system - ZenDesk. It features optimisations and automations allowing a better connection to our team. Using ZenDesk gives us the opportunity to better organise and distribute our tasks to improve the quality of our technical assistance. If you already have an active Support Plan Service, please contact us at for authorization, stating your AVDI ID in the email.

If you would like to purchase a Support Plan Service and get:

• Expert tech support
• Direct instructions on how to troubleshoot issues
• Timely response

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Abrites customer service

The SPS can only be used with active Annual Maintenance Subscription (AMS). The duration of the SPS is 12 months from the date of purchase.


Your Annual Maintenance Subscription allows access to online services, provided by ABRITES, such as advanced diagnostics, key programming, module replacement, coding and programming functionalities.
The AMS applies to all AVDI users worldwide and is the gateway to the full capacity of the ABRITES products.
It provides a 12-month access to the latest software releases, updates to existing functions and online services.

With the ABRITES Annual Maintenance Subscription you get:
• Access to all ABRITES online services
• Latest software releases
• Updates to existing licenses
• Promotional releases and updates

The AMS opens the door to multiple capabilities for automotive professionals, such as diagnosticians, service technicians, locksmith, and more!

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