The ABRITES Toolbox is the latest effort to create tools for ALL customers. The tool does not require any specific software licenses, nor does it require AMS and is 100% FREE for all owners of an AVDI interface.


The initial function of the ABRITES Toolbox is the Mercedes Security Access Calculator. It allows authorisation with Mercedes modules to unlock their complete functionality. If you have an authorisation seed (challenge bytes, sent from the module during the authorisation), then with our tool you can compute and send back the proper response to the ECU challenge.

This calculation is required when working with certain developer tools. In order to respond to the seed, you will need a specific key. After you choose the module and the security level you want to reach, you need to put the seed information in the Security Access Calculator.  Then with a click on a single button in the seed key generator, you will receive a key suitable for the execution of the task.

For example, if you are trying to unlock an Instrument Cluster module for programming or coding purposes (27 71), you will receive a seed from the module. Then you put the seed in the calculator to receive a key for reaching a certain security level. Finally, you need to feed the developer tool this key to finish the unlocking of the IC.

This is the case when you are performing any other job that requires this item of security access data.

ABRITES Toolbox x64

You can download the 64-bit version of the software directly from here:

ABRITES Toolbox x32

You can download the 32-bit version of the software directly from here:

The possibilities that the calculator gives its potential users are endless, however the main ones can be found below:

· Enable diagnostics for the latest Mercedes vehicles, that have a firewall – security restriction, that requires a Mercedes-Benz online account. Now, with our calculator you can unlock the firewall and work with the car without requiring a Mercedes-Benz online account.

· Coding, actuator tests and certain routine controls, which also require security access can be unlocked using the tool.

After authorising the module, you can work with your preferred diagnostic tool with the vehicle.


Another great feature of your ToolBox allows performing certain modifications in MCMs (Master Control Module) and ACM (Adblue Control Module). This means that you can do:

Checksum correction
of EEPROM data in MCM, MCM 2.xx engine control units and ACM
(powertrain manufactured by Mercedes-Benz and Detroit Diesel)

Checksum or CRC correction of EEPROM data allows you to modify data such as mileage and working hours of heavy-duty vehicles, equipped with MCM /ACM units. This procedure is required to synchronize this data when replacing faulty MCM/MCM 2.xx or ACM.

The checksum is a number that uniquely identifies some digital content. When you change the content, you have to recompute the checksum of the new data so that it passes validation checks. Modified EEPROM data without properly updated  checksum will lead to errors. That is where our tool will help.

You can use the ABRITES ToolBox checksum correction for heavy-duty vehicles like trucks, buses, cranes, and many more!


This is a great feature which will allow you to enable or disable the immobilizer of most current ECUs including EDC17/ MED17 by dump. The functionality is self-explanatory and allows you to load a dump you have read with basically any tool into the IMMO OFF toolbox feature and generate a dump which you can write back to the ECU so that it does not look for the immobilizer section anymore. This is great for many applications, especially race cars where the last thing you need is the immobilizer. Make sure you know which file to load; many ECUs require both the P flash and D flash to be modified in order to get true IMMO OFF.

Load you file by pressing the “Load Dump” button.
The file is read and prepared by Toolbox. It then asks you if you want to disable the IMMO. Confirm. This is one of the features which you can get for free but seldomly work if not paid. Ours works and is 100% free of charge.
Let the software work, save your file, and write it back to the ECU.

Security access



Why do we use it?

The ABRITES Toolbox is a FREE tool for all AVDI users, regardless of whether they have an active Annual Maintenance Subscription or not.

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The ABRITES Toolbox is a FREE tool for all AVDI users, regardless of whether they have an active Annual Maintenance Subscription or not. All our clients with an AVDI can access the ever-evolving functionalities at OEM-level and beyond. The ABRITES Toolbox is the true definition of our mission - Achieve the Impossible.

The ABRITES Toolbox will continue developing! It will include many more functionalities - often unavailable anywhere else on the market!
It will include many functionalities - sometimes unavailable anywhere else on the market! The first tools that will be added as part of the ABRITES Toolbox will be:

· Dump tools
· PSA PIN by dump tool

Stay tuned!