What Is The Avdi?

The AVDI or Abrites Vehicle Diagnostics Interface is a powerful and comprehensive device, designed and manufactured by Abrites Ltd. The AVDI allows you to perform vehicle diagnostics, scan for diagnostic trouble codes, register live data, as well as program keys and transponders, replace modules in a vehicle, and work on the vehicle's ECU. AVDI is among the first interfaces on the market, ever evolving and enabling users to achieve the impossible when it comes to automotive aftermarket procedures. 

AVDI works with dedicated software, developed by Abrites, which includes standard vehicle diagnostics and special functions. The Abrites ecosystem is designed to work seamlessly, allowing users to fulfil a vast variety ot tasks, equalling OEM-level tools. 

How To Get Abrites Products?

1. Create an account in our online shop

2. Purchase an AVDI - all Abrites products are designed to work seamlessly together, and the Abrites Vehicle Diagnostic Interface (AVDI) is the solid foundation upon which the whole Abrites software-hardware ecosystem thrives.

3. Choose the software (special functions) or hardware (devices and keys) you need, depending on your tasks - key/transponder programming, module adaptation, coding and flashing, cluster calibration.

4. Place your order and track its status in your account.

For more information on purchasing Abrites products, contact sales@abrites.com.