The Abrites diagnostics for Hyundai and KIA allow users to perform basic and advanced dealer level diagnostics for all Hyundai and KIA vehicles 2001-2022. Our team is constantly developing new automotive solutions for the latest models and common issues.


The standard diagnostic capabilities of the Online Abrites software for Hyundai and KIA cover ALL models 2001-2022!
These functionalities include:

• Full vehicle scan
• Module identification
• Reading and clearing of diagnostic trouble codes
- with detailed information about the codes
• Live data display
• Actuator testing

All these diagnostic features perform on an OEM level. 


The ABRITES PIN and Key manager is comprehensive and versatile, supporting ALL Hyundai/KIA vehicles, even the latest models. It allows you to read PIN code, and program mechanical and smart keys by OBDII.

• Key programming for ALL vehicles with Smart and mechanical keys
• PIN code reading from a working key for all vehicles with Smart keys and HITAG 3 or HITAG AES transponders
• PIN code extraction for all vehicles with Smart keys
Reset to new keys, programmed to Hyundai/KIA vehicles with HITAG 3, HITAG AES, DST AES, and DST 80 transponders
• PIN code reading from a working key for all vehicles with mechanical keys and DST AES,  DST 80, or HITAG 2 transponders
• PIN code reading for vehicles with an ECU with built-in immobilizer from the following brands: Kefico, Bosch EDC15/EDC16/EDC17, Delphi.
• PIN by VIN calculator for ALL vehicles up to year 09.2007
• Transmitter codes saving for ALL vehicles with mechanical keys

Our solution is invaluable for professionals, who frequently need to program keys and transponders for Hyundai and KIA vehicles. Our software solution also enables users to calculate PIN from VIN, which is crucial for models until 2007. With the latest development of the Abrites software, PIN code reading from working mechanical or smart key (for vehicles with Denso Integrated Body Unit) is also made possible. For these procedures PROTAG (Abrites key and transponder programmer) and TA31 extractor are also needed.

PIN and Key Manager



The ABRITES software for Hyundai/KIA vehicles enables users to perform module neutralisation. Our team has found a graceful way to overcome the difficulties in this procedure. The designated ABRITES software, used with the AVDI (Abrites Vehicle Diagnostic Interface), makes it possible to easily adapt a second-hand ECU (Engine Control Module) to another Hyundai/KIA vehicle by neutralising it out of the vehicle. PIN code of the donor vehicle is not required by this procedure. In addition to that a standard in-vehicle module neutralisation functionality is provided for Smart System, ECM/ECU, ESCL, and PDM modules in cars with smart keys, as well as Immobiliser and SMARTRA system modules (where available) in cars with mechanical keys.

Capabilities for vehicles with a smart key:

• neutralisation (allowing adaptation in other vehicles) of the Smart System
• neutralisation (allowing adaptation in other vehicles) of the ECU
• neutralisation (allowing adaptation in other vehicles) of the ESCL
• neutralisation (allowing adaptation in other vehicles) of the PDM (for vehicles equipped with PDM)

Capabilities for vehicles with a mechanical key:

• neutralisation (allowing adaptation in other vehicles) of the immobiliser - this automatically neutralises the ECU as well
• neutralisation (allowing adaptation in other vehicles) of the Smartra module (for vehicles that are equipped with one)

Visualisations below show standard neutralisation procedure.

Visualisations below show ECU on bench neutralisation procedure.

Advanced module neutralisation



The Abrites software for Hyundai/KIA Online allows users to perform the following

• Cluster calibration by OBDII
• Reading and updating the internal configuration data of instrument clusters by OBDII
• Calibration in Engine Control Units EDC15 by OBDII
• Read/Update ConfData and Flash of EDC15 Engine Control Units (which is also the Immobilizer control unit)

Hyundai Elantra 2011 - 2013

Hyundai I20 2011 - 2013

Hyundai Solaris 2011 - 2013

KIA Ceed 2011 - 2013

KIA Magentis 2010 - 2013

KIA Optima 2010 - 2013

KIA Rio 2011 - 2013

KIA Sorento 2011 - 2013

KIA Soul 2011 - 2013

KIA Sportage 2011 - 2013

SaangYong Korando 2011 - 2013

Instrument Cluster, Engine Control Data Manager



Introducing the latest ABRITES software license for Hyundai/KIA vehicles – HK012 Hyundai/KIA VIN Calibration.
The new functionality allows you to set the Vehicle Identification Number of certain modules – Engine Control Unit and dashboard, in a selection of models. This license is developed to save time and resources, allowing you to effortlessly adapt new and second-hand modules for a wide range of vehicles from the group. The HK012 is one of many ABRITES solutions, offering functionalities not available even in the OEM software tools.
The supported vehicles’ list is abundant.
Most nonelectric models with Kefico UDS Engine Control Module (ECM) are supported for VIN calibration. These include, for example, Hyundai i10, i20, i30, and many more to be added soon. Using the HK012 you can easily recalibrate the VIN of the ECM and adapt a used module.
As for the electric vehicles, which are normally equipped with a Vehicle Control Unit (VCU), HK012 offers support for ALL of them, produced so far – Hyundai Kona and Ioniq, and KIA Soul and Niro.
Dashboard VIN calibration is available for models, equipped with digital dashboards, such as the Hyundai Kona, Hyundai Tucson and KIA Niro. More models will be added soon.
AVDI with an active AMS is required. Make sure you update to the latest version 34.6 of the ABRITES Diagnostics for Hyundai/KIA vehicles!
Get the HK012 via our online shop now!



2021 Hyundai Kona Electric All Keys Lost Key Programming using AVDI

Using the AVDI with active AMS and the HK011 license, programming a key to the vehicle is done in a matter of seconds.