TA31 - Abrites extractor

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TA31 - Abrites extractor

The TA31 is designed to assist in key programming procedures, mainly in extracting PIN codes and security bytes.


  • Extracting PIN codes from Hyunday/KIA vehicles
  • Extracting the 7th byte of Component Security from VAG vehicles
  • Cloning Hitag 2 keys

Using the TA31, you will significantly reduce the time to extract the 7th byte of Component Security in various VAG vehicles, e.g. Passat B6/CC. The procedure will take only a minute in All Keys Lost situation! (given that the first 6 bytes are read from the ECU). This adapter is also used to assist with the PIN code reading from working keys in Hyundai/KIA vehicles.
The TA31 can be used to clone Hitag 2 transponders to TA31 instead of using TPX3/4. This is done using Key Clone in the Tag Key Tool. Once the key is learned, a U-Shaped KeyLine blade for the TA31 head can be cut and used to start the car.
Please note that you will require the correspondent ABRITES software, as well as a PROTAG programmer in order to use the TA31 extractor. For more details – please check the user manuals for VAG and Hyundai/KIA.

  • Hyunday/Kia vehicles
  • VAG vehicles
  • Hitag 2 keys