The ABRITES diagnostics for Mitsubishi is a high-quality comprehensive diagnostics tool, which enables users to run full vehicle diagnostics, perform full module identification, read and clear DTCs (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) on vehicles of the Mitsubishi Motors group.

Our software is an indispensable automotive solution for every professional or keen car enthusiast.


The ABRITES software for Mitsubishi gives the user the ability to run standard diagnostic functions, such as:

Reading identification data
• Reading and clearing fault codes DTCs (description of DTCs is available in multiple languages)
• Scanning for available control units

Coding and adaptations
Displaying actual values (measured parameters)
• Reading and programming flash Engine Control Units and output tests.

The following functionalities are also included in the online version of the software:
• Full module identification

• Connecting to the electronic modules

All these functionalities are essential when it comes to vehicle servicing. However, if your needs require more specific actions, such as key programming, the ABRITES PIN and Key Manager for Mitsubishi will provide an effective solution.


The key programming function currently works by utilizing CAN-BUS interface. Keys can be programmed when the PIN code of the vehicle is known. The Mitsubishi diagnostics has a database of default PIN codes. The PIN code can be changed with the Mitsubishi diagnostics. If the PIN code is changed - next time when a key is programmed the new PIN code should be used.
Currently ALL VEHICLES based on the CAN-BUS protocol (2005+) are supported for key programming.

• Spare key programming

As well as the following functionality and manipulations of the Immobilizer module of the vehicles:

Key registration - for vehicles that use a regular key
• Key registration (simplified) - for vehicles with ALL KEYS LOST or when the PIN Code is unknown
• Remote control registration
KOS key registration - registration of smart keys for vehicles with Keyless Operation (Immo) Systems
• Key registration by ID - registration  of a key by its (chip) ID
• Change PIN - change the Immobilizer System PIN Code
Key code and VIN Number registration to ECU - matching of the Engine Control Unit and Immobilizer module key codes as well as matching of the Immobilizer VIN to the ECU VIN
• Steering Lock Unit registration - allows the customer to adapt the steering lock unit with the immobilizer system of the vehicle
Use .PWF file for key registration -  The customer would need to download a security application file (.PWF) from the Mitsubishi site, generated by providing the VIN (.PWF files need to be purchased separately).
Reset immobilizer to factory state - Allows the customer to perform a factory-state reset of the immobilizer module. NB! After the procedure is complete, the immobilizer will require adaptation to the ECU as well as key programming. (Available for some KOS systems - for example Outlander 2014+, Attrage/Mirage 2014+)
• Remote Control Reception Check - check remote control function by pressing lock/unlock buttons

380 -2006i 2006-2013

ASX/Outlander/RVR 2011-2018

Attrage/Mirage 2014-2019

Challenger/Pajero/Montero Sport 2009-2016

Delica D:5 2007-2017

Eclipse Spy 2007-2012

Eclipse 2006-2012

EK Space 2014-2018

Endevor 2006-2011

Fortis Sport 2009-2015

Galant 2006-2012

Galant/EVO 2008-2015

i-MiEV 2009-2017

Lancer SP 2009-2017

Lancer 2008-2017

MINICAB-MiEV TK 2013-2016

MINICAB-MiEV VN 2012-2017

Mirage 2012 - 2018

Mirage G4 2017-2018

Outlander PHEV 2013-2019

Outlander 2006-2018

Pajero/Montero Sport 2016-2018

RVR -2011 - 2018

EK 2014-2018

Space Star 2013-2019

Triton/L200 2006-2015

Triton/L200/Strada 2015-2018

XPANDER 2018-2019

Zinger/Fuzion 2006-2015

PIN and Key Manager



The ABRITES Diagnostics for Mitsubishi provides you with the ability to read, write, save and modify the coding in the Mitsubishi vehicles.
This also allows the change of VIN numbers of the vehicle. The modification of coding values includes not only options in the vehicle, but will also grant access to the service reminder options. The files saved from current modules can be used to be written to modules in the future thus assisting with module adaptation.


This functionality allows
• Reading and updating ECU's flash and configuration memory by diagnostic for EDC15 ECUs
It is designed to assist in the module exchange for the ECUs in Mitsubishi Motors vehicles, and works for both new and used (second-hand) ECUs.


The Abrites Diagnostics for Mirtsubishi enables you to perform an array of ECU-related activities, such as readiness tests (testing the vehicle’s emission system), starter counter writing and initialisation.

Instrument cluster calibration functions are also available, which allow testing instrument clusters, changing or resetting service reminder intervals, as well as customising the turn signal sound. The ABS special functions enable you to perform sensor calibration and explore Emission Gas Mode. Transmission unit functions include detecting electric oil pump air bleeding, which can be a serious issue. Airbag Crash Data Reset by dump is also possible with the Abrites Diagnostics for Mitsubishi.

Engine Control Unit Special functions:
• Readiness test - simple, yet powerful self-test that tests the vehicle emissions system
• Starter counter writing
• Starter counter initialisation

Instrument Cluster Special functions:
• Change/reset service reminder intervals
• Test
• Turn-signal sound customisation

ABS Special functions:
• Emission Gas Mode
• Sensor calibration

Transmission unit Special functions:
• Electric oil pump air bleeding

Airbag Crash Data Reset by Dump