The ABRITES Diagnostics for Mercedes, Maybach and Smart is a versatile automotive software solution enabling users to carry out standard vehicle diagnostics, as well as perform more specific activities like key programming, module replacement, coding and programming, cluster calibration. The online version of the software allows module scanning and customisation additionally.


With the latest version of the Abrites Diagnostics for Mercedes-Benz vehicles, you can access a vast array of functionalities without the need to purchase any additional software solutions. For example, you are able to modify the Vmax settings, control the exhaust valves and torque limiter in Mercedes-Benz vehicles, manufactured after 2018, equipped with the CPC_NG module, as well as many more!

The main Mercedes-Benz, Maybach and Smart functionalities available in the basic AVDI package include the following:

  • Key programming by dump (DAS 2/ DAS 2a/ DAS 2b/ DAS 3)
  • Cluster calibration and adaptation for vehicles up to 2014
  • SCN coding completely by OBDII (no Xentry online account is required)
  • CPC modifications by OBDII:

            - VMAX limiter removal
            - Exhaust flaps adjustment
            - Torque limiter adjustment

  • SBC counter reset
  • Enable Video in Motion
  • Clear crash data from Bosch/Temic/TRW airbags up to 2010
  • ESL Reset (Electronic Steering Lock)
  • 7G Tronic Reset

Smart models functionalities

  • SOFTOUCH activation - switching from semi-automatic to automatic transmission
  • Key programming for the SMART 453/ Renault Twingo III
  • Key programming – models 450, 451, 452, 454
  • Emergency start – 451, 454
  • Mileage calibration - both SAM module and instrument cluster
  • Gearbox adaptation
  • Cruise control activation
  • Reflashing and renewal of SAM module and SAM/ECM synchronisation

Mileage calibration functionality is also included in the basic AVDI software package. Calibration of the cluster and other modules which are not part of the Drive Authotisation System (DAS) available for the following vehicles:

  • W176/ W246, W221, W216, W219, X164/ W164, W203, W251, W463, R171, W209, W220, W215, W169, W245, Smart (2007+), W204, X204, W212, W218 W197, W207, W218, W168, W202, W140, W210, W211, W461, W208, W163, W230, W166/ X166, Sprinter, Vito, Viano.

ASSYST and ASSYST PLUS functionalities are available for all users of AVDI. They include:

  • Service history records
  • Update data memory in the Battery Control Module
  • Tire Pressure Monitor
  • Electric Seat Adjustment Driver and Electric Seat Adjustment Passenger
  • Rear Signal Acquisition and Actuation Module 1
  • Electronic Stability Program (ESP)
  • Airbag
  • Electronic Parking Brake
  • Vehicle Power Supply Control Module
  • Read/Update ConfData of Central Gateway (CGW) via OBDII (W211, W171, W219, W164, X164, W169, W245, W204, W212, X204, W218)

For complete calibration of the whole vehicle (including DAS modules), you will need the MN026.

ECU read/update FLASH and Configuration data of all the older types of Mercedes-Benz vehicles is included in the basic software package. This functionality offers support for the following ECUs:

  • Bosch EDC15, EDC16, EDC16+, ME XXX, Siemens SIM, VDO Combined Air Mass and ECU (A-class 1997-2004), Smart ME-SFI (451), Smart Bosch EDC15C5, Smart MEG 450, Smart 454 EDC16C31, Smart 451 EDC16C32-5

DUMP TOOL functionalities are incredibly valuable, they can be accessed by all users with active Annual Maintenance Subscription. They include the following:

  • Mileage calibration (Instrument cluster, EDC16 Version 1 and 2, EZS Motorola, ESP and Electronic Parking Brake)
  • Mileage reset (BSI Siemens Smart, EZS Motorola)
  • Tacho Off
  • Renew of Engine Control Units
  • Renew of SAM and ZEE and Instrument cluster units (Smart)
  • Renew of Immobox HC05
  • SBC Repair
  • Car Radio SMART and ALPINE
  • CFF file CRC Repair
  • Clear crash data

TV/AUX configuration, speed warning for Gulf states, Service list update and more options are also included in the basic software, meaning you need only AVDI and AMS to acces them:

  • Service list update, TV and AUX on/off configuration for the following models
  • S class (W220), SL/CL (2004)E class (211), CLS, CLK, S class (W221 up to 06/2007), SLK. For vehicles up to 2008.
  • Seat belt warning shut-off
  • Speed warning for Gulf States, reverse warning

Airbag manager, Clear crash data, Read/Update ConfData are available for the following:

  • Bosch 1997-2008
  • Temic 1995-2008
  • TRW 2005-2010


Through years of development we at Abrites proudly present to you the Abrites diagnostics for Mercedes. The standard diagnostic capabilities of the ABRITES Diagnostics for Mercedes, Maybach and Smart are insdisputedly at OEM-level. It is one of the most advanced diagnostic tools in the world combining pure diagnostics with the latest in advanced functionality - module replacement, key programming and calibrations. Here is what we can offer you in terms of diagnostics:

  • Read and clear diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs)
  • Monitor live values
  • Perform actuator tests 
  • SCN coding (e.g. DPF regeneration)
  • Service interval resets both for Assyst and Assyst Plus for most current models. With this you can service Mercedes vehicles and have the documentation to confirm this withing the car itself. This allows anyone with an AVDI to be able to be at the level of a Mercedes dealer at just a fraction of the cost.

The Abrites diagnostics for Mercedes/Maybach/Smart provides its users the ability to perform dealer level diagnostics for almost 100% of the model range. Starting from the W202/W208/W210 and reaching all the latest models. We are also happy to let you know that we will very soon be able to present support for the Mercedes Actros Trucks!

Vehicle Identification
The first step of any diagnostics is the identification of the vehicle that is being diagnosed. The online version of the Abrites Diagnostics for Mercedes/Maybach/Smart boasts 3 different identification methods - automatic vehicle identification, identification by VIN number or manual selection of the vehicle model. You can even select one or more separate electronic control units to scan.

Module scanning and reading/erasing of DTCs
The online version of the Abrites diagnostics for Mercedes/Maybach/Smart has an extremely stable solution for identifying ALL available modules in the vehicle and reading their DTCs. The user then has the option to view more details about the DTCs and/or delete them. The detail of the DTC description is unrivalled and can help out any diagnostician when performing vehicle diagnostics.

Live data
One of the strongest advantages of the online version of the Abrites diagnostics for Mercedes/Maybach/Smart is the ability to show live data from various sensors at the same time both as a list value and on a graph. The extensive list of measured values is one of a kind and something that an OEM tool can compare to.

Custom session
For more advanced users the software also allows to open a custom session with each of the modules. This means that the user can send custom diagnostic requests to the modules and receive their respective replies. (Please use this function at your own risk! We cannot guarantee the well-being of the control units during the use of custom requests as it is 100% user controlled.)


The ABRITES automotive solutions for Mercedes-Benz vehicles allow programming keys when in need of additional ones or in all keys lost situations. It is compatible with ABRITES very own infra-red (IR) keys and PCBs, good quality 3rd party keys and PCBs, and original keys (renewal, ABPROG used).

EZS password extraction by OBD or on a bench allows IR key programming for vehicles up to FBS3. DAS 2/DAS 2B transponder key programming for W163 ML/ R170 SLK/ VITO/ Sprinter is available. Most DAS 3 is done with relay also, even 164, 221 before facelift. (ABPROG used)

Key programming


Load Data...
(1) Extraction by IR-adapter
(2) Very slow so recommended is extraction by IR-adapter
(3) Should be manually inserted IR-adapter
(4) Average password extraction time 40 minutes
(5) Password extraction requires ESL connection
(6) Password extraction requires ESL connection and manual inserting of IR-adapter
(7) Password extraction requires ESL connection average time 120 minutes


Module replacement in Mercedes vehicles is made easy with the Abrites software solutions!

The Parts exchange, FBS4 Manager and Instrument cluster calibration functionalities offer a wide range of opportunities for the Mercedes professional. Here's what you can do with them:
- DAS System parts replacement in FBS3 vehicles (1997-2014)
- Virginisation of 722.9 Transmission and CRD.3X ECUs
- Virginisation and adaptation of dashboards (very useful for exchanging analogue with digital dash of W205/W222/W213)
- Odometer calibration of W205/W222/W213 (e.g. S Class/C-Class models, such as GLC, S-coupe, and many more)
- Odometer calibration of FBS3 vehicles (up to MY2014)
- Blocking the synchronisation of IC213 and EZS in FBS4 vehicles  (filter is required)

EIS/ESL/DAS Manager/7-Gear ETC/ISM/Infra Red and password reader/Personalization/Activation/Coding


FBS4 Manager


Instrument cluster calibration



With the help of the Abrites solutions for Mercedes-Benz, you can adapt modules and perform instrument cluster calibration procedures and replacement.
Our team is glad to announce the launch of the latest Abrites functionality for Mercedes-Benz, which enables users to perform odometer calibration by OBDII for FBS4 vehicles with IC213 and IC222 dashboards. This functionality is accessible with the latest version of the Abrites Online Diagnostics for Mercedes-Benz.

The cluster calibration capabilities of the ABRITES Diagnostics for Mercedes, Maybach and Smart are versatile and useful. Using ABRITES products allows calibrating the dashboard, replacing dashboards, perform retrofitting, EZS/EIS module (no CAN filters involved), performing Service interval reset, as well as service functions for regular maintenance purposes. ASSYST and ASSYST PLUS support is available, and assistance when the ESL/ELV module contains data. The ABRITES software solutions for Mercedes, Maybach and Smart support 93 % of FBS3 vehicles, colour and monochrome displays.

Instrument cluster calibration - NEW!


Odometer calibration emulator for Mercedes-Benz W213


Odometer calibration emulator for W204, W212, W205 (FBS3/FBS4)


Odometer calibration emulator with jumper cable for dash for W204, W212, W205 (FBS3/FBS4)



When coding and programming is concerned, the ABRITES automotive software can be only compared to an OEM tool. We provide full SCN coding opportunities, which is extremely helpful when it comes to module replacement and adaptation, as well as enabling and disabling various features. For example, DPF (renewal, regeneration, replacement, running time and mileage value reset), seat and seat belt calibrations, speed limitations, Video in Motion, AMG start screen, Apple car play, sunroof, 360 degrees and front camera, including SVS calibration. Users are also able to perform SBC (Sensotronic Brake Control) repair, airbag and DAS module coding.

Proprietary 7G Tronic and ISM (Intelligent Servo Module) flash database available.


In coherence to the philosophy of ABRITES, we optimise all procedures by implementing the ecosystem we have developed. While programming keys for Mercedes, Maybach and Smart using the ABRITES Diagnostics, ABPROG extends the key programming capabilities of the AVDI, making the extraction of the EZS/EIS passwords possible via the IR adapter. Renewal of the original Mercedes key’s NEC MCU version 51 and 57 is also possible with the ABPROG.

Abrites Programmer



The Abrites proprietary flash database is used for 7G tronic transmission and ISM (intelligent Servo Module) adaptation and re-programming. The database contains flash files and is used together with the Abrites Diagnostics for Mercedes-Benz offline (without the need of any special function) in order to assist with the adaptation and re-programming of Transmission modules (a.k.a Conductor plates) and ISMs. The database can also be used when reprogramming a transmission module to operate as a module from a different car.

7G Tronic and ISM Database

Download and install.

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