MN033 – Mercedes-Benz FBS4 Vehicles Electronic Steering Lock Repair

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The latest ABRITES solution for Mercedes-Benz FBS4 vehicles!
Requirements AMS I18

MN033 is dedicated to resolving a problem with the "ELV Component Fault" which is preventing the vehicle from being started and driven.
This is a common fault in the Electronic Steering Lock (ESL/ELV) modules. The MN033 enables you to clear the critical error which blocks the vehicle's electronic steering lock.
Function is performed with a direct connection to the ELV diagnostic line. It can be executed direct in the vehicle or on bench!

Supported vehicles:
ALL FBS4 vehicles with ESL/ELV modules!
AVDI with active AMS is required. The usage of the CB026 - FBS4/FBS3 ELV Connection Cable is strongly recommended with this license.

ALL FBS4 vehicles with ESL/ELV modules!

Mercedes/Maybach/Smart User Manual
Merecedes FBS4 Manager User Manual
FBS4 ESL/ELV Repair in a W247 Mercedes-Benz B-class


FBS4 ESL/ELV Repair Procedure on Bench