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MN032 - DAS Manager for FBS3/FBS4 cars

MN032 - DAS Manager for FBS3/FBS4 cars

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DAS Manager for FBS3/FBS4 cars
Requirements AMS I18

MN032 is a world leader in terms of Mercedes-Benz vehicles module replacement, key and remote programming, both for new and used control units.

FBS4 functionalities

  • Reset of FBS4 Engine control units to virgin state
  • Read the personalization data from a FBS4 ECU and saving it to a file for future use
  • Program personalization data from a previously saved file to a FBS4 ECU
  • FBS4 ECU Activation


Currently supported ECUs (produced until MY2020): 

  • CR40 (EDC17C43)
  • CR41 (EDC17C66) 
  • CR42 (EDC17CP46) 
  • CR43 (EDC17CP60)  
  • CR6 (EDC17CP10) 
  • CR60 (EDC17CP46)
  • CR61 (EDC17CP57)
  • MED40 (MED17.7.1 and MED17.7.2)
  • MED177 (MED17.7.3, MED17.7.5, MED17.7.8)
  • CRD3
  • CRD3H
  • CRD3S2 


VGS-NAG2 FBS4 Transmission control units are also supported for renewal.

FBS3 functionalities

Module replacement:

  • Service password reading
  • Read/Save/Update FBS Data
  • Transfer FBS Data to a replacement unit
  • Make each DAS/FBS module virgin, personalise and activate it
  • Read/Save/Update Coding (the only way to avoid online SCN coding)
  • Transfer Coding to a replacement unit


Key programming:

  • Easily extract the EZS/EIS key password
  • Program all types of DAS2 keys
  • Program Infra Red keys to DAS3 (FBS3)
  • Enable and disable key positions

Supported Models:

  • W202/W208/W210
  • W203/W209/W211/W219
  • W169/W245
  • W220/W215/R230
  • W204/W207/W212/W218
  • W221/W216/W251/W164/X164
  • W176/W246/W242/W117
  • W166/X166

Supported Modules are all DAS related modules

  • ECUs
  • TCUs (7G-Tronic)
  • ISM
  • DSM


Other features:

Additional and required tools:

N.B. Please note that you will require an AVDI interface with an active AMS in order to use this special function.

Merecedes FBS4 Manager User Manual

Mercedes GLE ECU FBS4 Exchange using AVDI

The new ABRITES DAS Manager for FBS3/FBS4 cars in action, see FBS4 ECU exchange - reset to virgin and personalization.