MN030 - FBS4 instrument cluster calibration

MN030 - FBS4 instrument cluster calibration

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MN030 - FBS4 instrument cluster calibration
Requirements AMS I18

MN030 is the latest development dedicated to odometer calibration and module replacement by OBDII for dashboards of FBS4 vehicles equipped with IC213 or IC222 dashboard

Main functionalities:

  • Blocks synchronisation between the Instrument Cluster and the EZS (for models with IC213)
  • Allows successful mileage calibration
  • Allows modules replacement (dashboard) - Make virgin and Adapt
  • Different retrofit options like update from analogue to digital dials

Supported models:

  • W213
  • W205
  • W222
  • W217
  • W238
  • W253
  • W257
  • W463
  • W447 (with IC213)
  • related models

Models with dashboard IC222 (require emulator*)

*EM008/EM018/EM014 is used for w205 and w222 (both before facelift)

An AVDI interface with a valid AMS subscription is required for the purchase and use of the special function.

Update from MN029 to MN030

€350.00 (Excl. VAT)
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