MN034 - FBS4 Personalization Expert

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MN034 - FBS4 Personalization Expert
Requirements AMS I18 MN032

The FBS4 Personalization Expert license allows easy personalization of ALL virgin modules from the FBS4 generation of Mercedes DAS (Drive Authorization System).
Personalization expert practically has no limitations in its coverage! It was designed to work with and build on the MN032. For this reason, they are meant to work together. Personalization is done by internal CAN- BUS of the control modules. Indeed, the same simple personalization is possible for DSM and VGS modules too with no need to open the module or connect a programmer. Personalization Expert exceeds all current knowledge and overcomes problems plaguing the diagnostic world for nearly a decade.

Here is why MN034 is truly special:

  • No exceptions in the production range of control modules. No more troubles and restrictions caused by production year changes and manufacturer limitations. MRD1, MRG1, CRR2, EMS71, VGS4NAG2, VGSNAG3, DSM, Electric Motors, Hybrid Motors, etc. all by internal CAN bus.
  • Our personalization expert eliminates the problem when the old control unit is missing!
  • Personalization expert generates a special FBS4 data and uses it to complete the personalization process.
  • In its current, first iteration MN034 allows personalization of MED177, MED1775, MED40, CR40, CR41, CR42, CR43, CR60LS, CR61 ECUs via OBDII when NO PREVIOUS PERSONALIZATION DATA IS AVAILABLE!
  • The list of supported control modules for personalization when the old module is missing will be updated continuously as we progress.


Currently MN032 and MN034 have partial restrictions for W223/W206 based models. This is still MN034’s first version. Our coverage will be extended for these models after we release an additional communication adapter for AVDI.

All owners of the MN032 license (purchased before December 13, 2023) will receive the MN034 free of charge.
AVDI with active AMS is required.

Update from MN032 to MN034

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Merecedes FBS4 Manager User Manual
FBS4 ECU Personalization by OBD WITHOUT Available Personalization Data Using ONLY AVDI!


FBS4 ECU Personalization in a W213 E-Class Mercedes-Benz 2021