ABRITES Diagnostics for Mercedes/ Maybach/ Smart provides an incredibly versatile software solution for professionals and car enthusiasts working on Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Our products are stable, user-friendly and reliable, offering a wide range of functions designed to facilitate your work. ABRITES Diagnostics have online and offline versions, which feature different functionalities, see them below. 



  •  Reading Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC).
  •  Clearing Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC).
  •  Diagnostic Trouble Codes full identification with possible causes and solutions advice.
  •  Live value monitoring, saving to file, analysis.
  •  Actuator testing and monitoring.
  •  Graph and table view of values being listed from multiple modules.
  •  Support for passenger cars, Buses and Trucks.
  •  OEM level of diagnostics for cars up to 2019.


  • SCN coding. All coding available from the vehicle can be performed.
  •  Over 1 000 000 coding options for different modules. For example:
    •  TV in motion. If coding does not allow TV in motion we can supply emulators.
    •  Seat coding.
    • Customization in accordance to the customer’s request, needs and requirements.
    • DPF regeneration.
    • DPF removal.
    • DPF replacement.
    • DPF running time and mileage value reset (CRD3).Supported even for the FBS3/ CRD3 Delphi units.
    • Emergency engine start when the ADBlue mileage reaches "0". When the car reaches "0" ADBlue km/miles the cars stop and needs to be towed to a workshop. With this function you can start the car and drive it to a workshop even though the ADBlue is at zero value.
    •  Enabling and disabling of of the seat belt alarm, for example W205/ W222/ W217/ W166 new models.
    •  Change of the MAX SPEED Limit (including all AMG models)
    • Enabling and disabling of the video in motion for older and newer cars up to 2018
    •  Enabling and disabling of the AMG start screen for older and new Mercedes-Benz models.
    • Enabling and disabling of "Apple car play". In some cases an update is needed and this can be done using the Abrites flash programming in Mercedes Benz for phone screen mirroring for example.
    • Ability to calibrate the sunroof.
    • Ability to calibrate 360 degree cameras, enable, coding, including Special Vehicle Solution (SVS)
    • Enabling, disabling and calibrating the Special Vehicle Solution front camera
    • Mercedes Special Vehicles Solutions rear view mirror cameras enabling, disabling and calibrating
  • Proprietary 7G Tronic and ISM (Intelligent Servo Module) flash database.
  • SBC (Sensotronic Brake Control) repair.
  • Airbag coding.
  • DAS module coding.


  • DAS (Drive Authorization System/ FBS) module replacement. FBS 2 and FBS 3 modules:
    • 7G Tronic transmission control
    • ELV/ ESL – Electronic Steering Lock.
    • ISM – Intelligent Servo Module.
    • ECU – Engine Control Unit.
  • FBS password extraction available with or without working keys. 
    • Replacement of FBS modules with used modules while retaining the vehicle’s original data.
    • Coding of all DAS/ FBS modules.
    • ABS replacement.
    • Airbag replacement and renewal
    • VIN number programming when replacing modules.
    • SBC (Sensotronic Brake Control) repair and renewal.
  • FBS4 module renewal for ECU and 7G tronic modules:
    • Renew of FBS4 control modules including 7G Tronic units 722.9. ALL BY OBD or internal CANBUS.
    • Renew of FBS4 CRD 3.X Engine Control Units. ALL BY OBD or internal CANBUS.
    • Displaying status of FBS4 components in the vehicle.
  • SAM and ZGW replacement and assistance in replacement.


  • EZS password extraction in the vehicle or on a bench allowing Infra red (IR) key programming for vehicles up to FBS3.
  • All keys lost.
  • Adding additional keys.
  •  DAS 2/ DAS 2B transponder key programming for W163 ML/ R170 SLK/ VITO/ Sprinter.
  •  We can supply our own Infra red keys and printed circuit boards (PCB).
  •  Guaranteed to work with good quality 3rd party keys and PCBs
  •  Original keys can be renewed (see ABPROG section).
  • Most DAS 3 done with relay also, even 164, 221 before facelift
  • Table of supported models


  • Calibration of dashboard.
  • Calibration of EZS/ EIS module – no need to place CAN filters.
  • 99% of the FBS 3 cars supported. Colour displays and monochrome.
  • Assistance when the ESL/ ELV module contains data.
  • ASSYST and ASSYST PLUS support.
  • Service interval reset.
  • Service functions for vehicle servicing for mechanics who need to enter regular maintenance.



  • Detailed diagnostics for buses and trucks.
  • Sprinter/ VITO/ ML Start error repair.
  • Custom session:
    • For more advanced users the software also allows to open a custom session with each of the modules. This means that the user can send custom diagnostic requests to the modules and receive their respective replies. 


- Using the ABPROG and the applied PCB you can easily renew the original Mercedes key’s NEC MCU version 51 and 57.

- You will need the ABPROG to extract EZS/ EIS passwords via the IR adapter.