Mercedes Cars Full

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Full package of ABRITES functionalities for Mercedes-Benz passenger vehicles containing the MN030, MN032 and MN033 licenses.

The Full Mercedes-Benz cars package includes the MN030, MN032 and MN033 licenses. Below you can see what each one of them covers as functionalities.

MN033 is dedicated to resolving a problem with the "ELV Component Fault" which is preventing the vehicle from being started and driven.
This is a common fault in the Electronic Steering Lock (ESL/ELV) modules. The MN033 enables you to clear the critical error which blocks the vehicle's electronic steering lock.
This function is performed with a direct connection to the ELV diagnostic line. It can be executed direct in the vehicle or on bench!

Supported vehicles:

  • ALL FBS4 vehicles with ESL/ELV modules!

The usage of the ZN051 ABRITES Distribution Box is recommended for this license.

MN032 is a world leader in terms of Mercedes-Benz vehicles module replacement, key and remote programming, both for new and used control units for all vehicles up to, and including FBS3 generation. 

Supported Models:

  • W202/W208/W210
  • W203/W209/W211/W219
  • W168/W245
  • W220/W215/R230
  • W204/W207/W212/W218
  • W221/W216/W251/W164/X164
  • W169/W246/W117
  • W166/X166

Module replacement

  • Service password reading
  • Read/Save/Update FBS Data
  • Transfer FBS Data to a replacement unit
  • Make each DAS/FBS module virgin, personalise and activate it
  • Read/Save/Update Coding (the only way to avoid online SCN coding)
  • Transfer Coding to a replacement unit

Supported Modules are all DAS related modules

  • ECUs
  • TCUs (7G-Tronic)
  • ISM
  • DSM

Key programming:

  • Easily extract the EZS/EIS key password
  • Program Infra Red keys to DAS2/DAS3 (FBS2/FBS3)
  • Enable and disable key positions

Other features:


FBS4 cars

  • Reset of FBS4 Engine control units to virgin state
  • Read the personalization data from a FBS4 ECU and saving it to a file for future use
  • Program personalization data from a previously saved file to a FBS4 ECU
  • FBS4 ECU Activation

Currently supported ECUs (produced until MY2020): 

  • CR40 (EDC17C43)
  • CR41 (EDC17C66) 
  • CR42 (EDC17CP46) 
  • CR43 (EDC17CP60)  
  • CR6 (EDC17CP10) 
  • CR60 (EDC17CP46)
  • CR61 (EDC17CP57)
  • MED40 (MED17.7.1 and MED17.7.2)
  • MED177 (MED17.7.3, MED17.7.5, MED17.7.8)
  • CRD3
  • CRD3H
  • CRD3S2 


VGS-NAG2 FBS4 Transmission control units are also supported for renewal.

Additional and required tools:

Abrites IR keys, keys with replica shells and Abrites IR PCBs: TA13, TA14, TA15, TA21, TA22, TA52

The ZN076 is highly reccomended  for faster reading information from the EZS/EIS of Mercedes-Benz vehicles with IR locks.

The MN030 is the latest development dedicated to odometer calibration and module replacement by OBDII for dashboards of FBS4 vehicles equipped with IC213 or IC222 dashboard

Main functionalities:

  • Blocks synchronisation between the Instrument Cluster and the EZS (for models with IC213)
  • Allows successful mileage calibration
  • Allows modules replacement (dashboard) - Make virgin and Adapt

Different retrofit options like update from analogue to digital dials

Supported models:

  • W213
  • W205
  • W222
  • W217
  • W238
  • W253
  • W257
  • W463
  • W447 (with IC213)
  • related models

Models with dashboard IC222 (require emulator*)

*EM008/EM009/EM014 is used for w205 and w222 (both before facelift)

An AVDI interface with a valid AMS subscription are required for the purchase and use of this package.

Mercedes-Benz vehicles

Mercedes/Maybach/Smart (Online) User Manual
MN026 - Key Programming, EIS/ESL/DAS Manager/7-Gear ETC/ISM/Infra Red and password reader/Personalization/Activation/Coding

MN026 - Key Programming, EIS/ESL/DAS Manager/7-Gear...

MN027 -  FBS4 Manager

MN027 - FBS4 Manager

Mercedes Cars Full

Mercedes Cars Full

Mercedes FBS4 VGSNAG2 TCU renew procedure using AVDI and MN027


Mercedes GLE ECU FBS4 Exchange using AVDI


Mercedes S63 AMG Coupe Video In Motion coding activation using AVDI