The ABRITES Diagnostics for Renault/Dacia is an extremely capable tool comparable in functionality to the original testers offered by manufacturers. This online software allows users to use features like Module identification, Reading and clearing of diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs), Display of actual values, and Actuator testing with just a few clicks. General diagnostics needs to be regularly updated to support the latest models. See more about the features below.



Module identification is an extremely important and powerful tool while performing basic diagnostics. The Abrites Diagnostics for Renault/Dacia performs the module identification automatically after choosing the vehicle model.

Reading and clearing of diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) includes complete information about the errors in the module as per the available data as well as the ability to clear it.

Displaying of actual values allows the user to monitor all available parameters reported by the vehicle's sensors hence giving the user the ability to provide a more accurate diagnostic procedure. Various parameters can be observed simultaneously (either numerically or graphically) without limitation to the number.

Actuator testing is another helpful feature to aid the user to determine where the fault occurs. ALL actuators can be tested separately.

Renault Captur 2013+ Dacia Dokker 2012+ Opel Movano Ph2 2002-2006 Nissan Platina 2002-2008 Renault-Samsung QM3 2013+
Renault Clio II Ph2/3 X65 2002-2006 Dacia Duster Opel Movano Ph3 2007+ Nissan Primestar Ph2 2002-2006 Renault-Samsung QM5
Renault Clio III 2005+ Dacia Lodgy Opel Movano B 2010+ Nissan Primestar Ph3 2007+ Renault-Samsung SM3 2006+
Renault Clio III with key card Dacia Logan X90 Opel Vivaro 2002-2006   Renault-Samsung SM3 2009-2011
Renault Clio IV 2012+ Dacia Logan Ph2 X90 2008+ Opel Vivaro Ph2 2007+   Renault-Samsung SM3 2011+
Renault Clio Campus 2006+ Dacia Logan II Opel Vivaro 2014+   Renault-Samsung SM5 2009-2011
Renault Clio Classic Dacia Sandero B90 FIAT Talento 2017+   Renault-Samsung SM5 2011+
Renault Clio Sedan Dacia Sandero II Renault Megane IV 2016+    
Renault Clio Symbol Dacia Solenza 2003-2005 Renault Espace 2015+    
Renault Clio Thalia   Renault Talisman 2015+    
Renault Espace IV X81 2003-2006   Renault Scénic IV 2016+    
Renault Espace IV Ph2 X81 2006+        
Renault Fluence        
Renault Grand Modus 2008+        
Renault Kangoo MUX Ph2 X76 2002-2007        
Renault Kangoo X61 2008+        
Renault Koleos 2007-2015        
Renault Laguna Coupe 2011+        
Renault Laguna II X56 2000-2005        
Renault Laguna II ph2 X56 2005+        
Renault Laguna III X91        
Renault Latitude        
Renault Master Ph2 X70 2002-2006        
Renault Master Ph3 X70 2007+        
Renault Master III X62 2010+        
Renault Megane II X84 2003-2006        
Renault Megane II Ph2 X84 2006+        
Renault Megane III X95 2008-2015        
Renault Modus        
Renault Safrane        
Renault Scenic II X64 2003-2006        
Renault Scenic II Ph2 X64 2006+        
Renault Scenic III X95        
Renault Symbol III 2012+        
Renault Traffic II X83 2002-2006        
Renault Traffic II Ph2 X83 2007-2014        
Renault Traffic III X82 2014+        
Renault Twingo Ph2 X06 2002-2007        
Renault Twingo II X44 2007+        
Renault Twingo III 2014+        
Renault Valsatis X73 2002+        
Renault Valsatis Ph2 X73 2006+        
Renault Wind