ZN087 - Cable set for tesla model s/x and model 3

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Used for diagnostics (alerts), key programming, service functions, airbag exchange/reset procedures and many more!

The ZN087 is a cable set designed, developed and produced by Abrites for working with Tesla vehicles. This set contains two diagnostic cables; one for the Tesla Model X/S (the ZN071 cable) and one for the Model 3 (the CB027 cable).


  • One of the connectors is used for connecting to the internal CAN-BUS of the car.
  • The other connector has crocodile type connectors to provide power to the AVDI through the vehicle's 12V battery
  • Compatibility - Model 3 (2017-2021)


  • The adapter is used to connect to the diagnostic connector of the vehicle - the black connector is used for the old type diagnostic port and the white connector is used for the new type diagnostic port
  • Compatibility - all Model S/X vehicles

Find full information on the correct usage and specific connection to the vehicle in the Abrites Diagnostics for Tesla user manual.
AVDI and active AMS are required for the purchase of the product.



Tesla Model S/X/3

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