ZN066 - Subaru transponder emulator

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ZN066 - Subaru transponder emulator

The ZN066 is a tool devised to work with Subaru H type bladed (mechanical) keys for Subaru vehicles in ALL KEYS LOST situations. The device is perfect for customers who do not have a PROTAG, as it connects directly to your AVDI to emulate a master key for Subaru vehicles.
It operates in a manner similar to the Toyota ZN039-2, however due to the specifics of Subaru immobilisers it was developed independently to assist with key programming situations.
The ZN066 emulator is designed to work together with the Abrites Diagnostics for Subaru. The ZN066 can only be used to enter the vehicle into key programming mode and cannot be used as a key.

Subaru H type bladed (mechanical) keys

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