ZN055 - ABPROG EWS3 adapter

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ZN055 - ABPROG EWS3 adapter

The ABPROG EWS3 Reader is a proprietary Abrites tool, produced according to the company's high quality standards. This product allows you to read the EWS3 Dump from the EWS3 cars in order to program a key, and it is very useful when working on the BMW E46/E53 model cars.

Supported vehicles:

BMW E46/E53/E85/E83/E39/E38/E52
equipped with a EWS3 module

The tool attaches to the ABPROG programmer which attaches to the AVDI interface in order to read the EWS3 dump.
Once you have read the EWS3's dump, you will be able to save it on your computer. Then you will be able to load this dump in the PROTAG software and program a key using it. With the help of the EWS3 Adapter you will no longer need to use third party EWS3 Programmers to read the EWS dump.
Please note that you need an external power supply for the adapter, the ZN062 Power adapter 12V/0.5A DC.
This adapter is exclusively used with the ZN030 ABPROG programmer and is not a standalone product.
An AVDI Interface and active AMS are required to purchase this product.

ABPROG Programmer Classic for AVDI User Manual