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ABRITES hardware products are designed to help users in every automotive related task in their everyday work, or keen enthusiasts, when working on their vehicle. In order to achieve compatibility with a wide variety of vehicle brands, we have developed additional cables and adapters for ABRITES hardware. ZN031 is an ABRITES connectivity solution, part of our Additional Cables And Adapters range.

The ZN031 adapter is used for reading, writing and erasing of SPI, Microwire and I2C memories (eeprom) with and without incremental registers.
The adapter is used with the Abrites ABPROG programmer (ZN030) and it is included in the ZN030 base package.

Supported SPI memories:

  • ST M35080VP / M35080V6
  • ST D080D0WQ
  • ST D160D0WQ
  • ST M95010
  • ST M95020
  • ST M95040
  • ST M95080
  • ST M95160
  • ST M95320
  • ST M95640
  • ST M95128
  • ST M95256
  • ST ST95P08

Supported Microwire memories:

  • 93C46 8 bit / 16 bit
  • 93C56 8 bit / 16 bit
  • 93C66 8 bit / 16 bit
  • 93C76 8 bit / 16 bit
  • 93C86 8 bit / 16 bit

Supported I2C memories:

  • 24C01
  • 24C02
  • 24C04
  • 24C08
  • 24C16
  • 24C32
  • 24C64
  • 24C128
  • 24C256
  • 24C512
  • 24C1024

An AVDI interface is required to use this adapter.

ABPROG Programmer Classic for AVDI User Manual