TA52 - Universal BGA Mercedes-Benz key (433/315 MHz)

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TA52 - Universal BGA Mercedes-Benz key (433/315 MHz)
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The TA52 universal BGA Mercedes-Benz key is designed to be programmed to Mercedes-Benz FBS3 vehicles. The key is programmed completely by OBDII and allows for the frequency to be changed from 433 MHz to 315 MHz (and vice versa) using the PROTAG Programmer.
The key is shipped in a replica shell with a blank key blade.
An AVDI interface with a valid AMS , ZN002 or ZN003 PROTAG Programmer and MN026 or MN032 license are required for the key programming.

Mercedes-Benz FBS3 vehicles

Frequency: 433/315 MHz