EM015 - JLR Ultra Wide Band Emulator


Code: EM015

Category Emulators And Filters

The ABRITES JLR Ultra Wide Band Emulator is the latest Abrites hardware solution for JLR vehicles.

Supported models:

  • Jaguar/Land Rover vehicles 2018+, equipped with UWB modules

It is used in cases when after successful key programming of TA57/TA58 or TA62/TA63 keys, only the remote part of the key works and the key does not start the car. The emulator will need to be programmed using the file generated after the successful key programming procedure and once installed in the vehicle, the keys will work as expected.

This hardware is used for completing procedures performed with the JL005 or JL006 special functions for JLR vehicles. Please, refer to the Abrites Diagnostics for JLR user manual.

Image is indicative only - actual product may vary from the photo.