CB021 - Renault-Nissan Jumper Cable

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CB021 - Renault-Nissan jumper cable

The CB021 jumper cable is used for internal CAN connection when performing key learning procedures on Renault and Nissan vehicles. It is also applicable for mileage recalibration and module replacement in a selection of Renault models.

Main functionalities:

  • Spare key programming

The cable is used with the RR022 special function for key learning.

The CB021 is also used for the following procedures in Renault vehicles:

  • Mileage recalibration
  • Dashboard replacement
  • ABS/ESC replacement

In these models:

  • Clio V/Captur II
  • New Zoe

The RR029 license is needed when performing these tasks.
AVDI and active AMS are required in order to complete these procedures. 

  • Clio V/Captur II
  • New Zoe