The ABRITES Diagnostics for BMW motorcycles is a software tool which enables you to carry out standard diagnostics:
• Reading and clearing DTCs (diagnostic trouble codes)
• Full guide during the DTC procedures
• Live data monitoring from multiple modules at the same time with multiple actuator activation
• Actuator testing for all electronic modules
• Guided functions

Moreover, the standard diagnostics allows performing actuator tests and simultaneously monitoring live data. The user interface offers detailed data, presented in graphs and tables format, and also records the vehicle’s values for analytic purposes.

Apart from general diagnostics, using additional software licenses, you can also access advanced functionalities, such as:
• Key programming
• Module replacement
• Coding and programming

Key Programming and module replacement are essential tasks which every bike professional should be able to perform with ease, and we provide the solutions!
In order to perform these procedures, connect the bike to AVDI using the CB008 cable for diagnostic connection.

Cable for BMW bike diagnostic connector



Using the BN013 software license, you can do the following:

• Spare key addition
• ALL KEYS LOST key programming

The software allows key learning procedures for all BMW bikes, including the latest models with keyless keys (X_SLZ). In All Keys Lost situations for bikes equipped with X_SLZ modules, you will need the ZN051 Distribution Box for internal CAN connection.
The ABRITES Online software for BMW vehicles supports ALL types of Immobilizers in BMW bikes, such as:

ECU with integrated Immobilizer
X_SLZ (keyless system)

Most of the models are supported for key programming by OBDII, but there are also a few scooters, which require the procedure to be performed by dump of dashboard eeprom (Instrument Cluster eeprom dump).
For bikes equipped with ECU with integrated Immobilizer (
K24 series), the key learning procedure is done using the BN014 license.
In order to complete the key programming procedures successfully, you need AVDI with active AMS, as well as the PROTAG Programmer for keys and transponders (ZN002 or the new ZN003).

Supported vehicles are as follows:

BMW Bikes key learning by OBDII
C650 GT
S 1000 RR
S 1000 R
S 1000 XR
R 1200 GS
R 1200 GS Adv.
R 1200 RT
R 1200 R
R 1200 RS
K 001
K 1200 R
K 1200 S
K 1300 R
K 1600 Bagger
F 750 GS
F 800 GS
F 850 GS
F 850 GS Adv.
F 900 R
F 900 XR
R nineT
R nineT Pure
R nineT Scrambler
R nineT Racer
R nineT Urban G/S
K24 series

BMW Scooters by dump from dashboard eeprom

CAS4, FEM/BDC and Bikes (X_EWS4 and X_SLZ) Key Learning


BMW Bike S1000R All Keys Lost- Key programming using AVDI

Hello Friends,I had a customer who bought a 2016 BMW S1000R Bike without keys. In this video you can see all the steps I took so I can program a key to this ...


The ABRITES BMW online software also allows replacement of immobilizer modules in BMW bikes - X_EWS4 and X_SLZ (hands-free module). These are replaced when defected or faulty, which saves you and your clients time and resources.
The procedure is done via the EWS Manager menu and is very intuitive, leading you every step of the way, to complete the task.
In order to complete the module replacement procedures, you will require the BN013 license. In some cases, default coding is necessary, for which you will need the BN012.

Advanced Coding Functionality



The ABRITES solutions for BMW bikes include a wide range of coding functionalities. These are:

Vehicle order (VO)
Integration level
Coding - allows changing a functionality in existing modules (enable/disable specific features, assists with the adaptation of modules), reset to default
Fast coding - pre-set list of coding options based on popular demand
Programming - changing the software in a particular module in the vehicle to another version (flashing)

All of these functionalities make modifying bikes to fit your customers' needs. In order to perform coding procedures, you will need the BN012 license.

CAS4, FEM/BDC and Bikes (X_EWS4 and X_SLZ) Key Learning


Advanced Coding Functionality