The ABRITES diagnostics for Honda is a stable online diagnostics tool, which allows automotive professionals and keen enthusiasts to perform basic vehicle diagnostics. This online-based software solution is developed to work with AVDI (Abrites Vehicle Diagnostics Interface) for a range of functionalities listed below. 


The Abrites Diagnostics for Honda Online offers a user-friendly experience, efficiency and security. With our software solutions for Honda, you are able to do the following:

• Module scanning
- information on DTCs, Live Data (if available) and extended module identification
• Vehicle identification
- automatic vehicle model detection
• Reading and clearing diagnostic trouble codes
- shown in each module
• Key programming
- spare key and All Keys Lost FOR ALL VEHICLES UP TO 2022

Module scanning, and reading and clearing of DTCs are available for all modules in a Honda vehicle. The ABRITES diagnostics software for Honda provides users with extremely detailed information on the diagnostic trouble codes of the vehicle before clearing them.

Vehicle identification
is incredibly swift and effortless. Once the AVDI is connected to the vehicle's OBDII port and the software is started, the car is recognized instantly: model, year and VIN number are all shown on the screen of the computer operating with ABRITES software.

Key programming for ALL vehicles up to 2022 is included in the basic AVDI package (no additional lincenses needed!) with active AMS.


Key programming is possible as a FREE option of the software ALL MODELS, offering additional key programming, as well as a solution for all keys lost situations. Existing keys need to be reprogrammed in order to continue being operational after adding new ones. The procedure is fast and easy, just follow the on-screen instructions!

• Spare key programming
• All Keys Lost Key Programming

Future developments by the ABRITES Team are underway and will present options for mileage recalibration and module adaptation.

2021 Honda CR-V All Keys Lost Key Programming using AVDI

With the basic AVDI package you can program keys in All Keys Lost situations, as well as spare keys.