The new functionality for mileage calibration in Clio V with Calsonic Kansei/Marelli (mechanical pointers) dashboards is available for FREE for all owners of the RR025 legacy license and active AMS!
The latest ABRITES license - the RR028 now offers supports for mileage calibration in Clio V with Calsonic Kansei/Marelli dashboards (with mechanical pointers), as well as Clio V Visteon (Low Line and High Line HD) dashboards already available in the legacy RR025 license, and other models included in the RR016 legacy license.
This new software solution contains and further extends the abilities of the RR016 and RR025 licenses, giving you an undisputed advantage when working with Renault vehicles. Also, bear in mind that the price of the new license RR028 is much better than the two previous ones combined, and in comparison to the legacy RR KM package, too! So why not order now: HERE.

The supported vehicles list includes:
• Clio V, Captur II, New Zoe (Calsonic Kansei/Marelli, Visteon IC)
• Talisman, Megane IV, Scenic IV, Espace V, Kadjar (Visteon, VDO IC)
• Clio IV, Captur, Trafic III (Visteon IC)
• Logan II, Sandero II, Lodgy, Dokker (Visteon/JCI IC)
• Master III, Master III Ph2 (Visteon/JCI IC)
• Twingo III (monochrome Visteon/JCI IC)
• Megane III, Fluence (JCI, VDO IC)
• Laguna III (JCI IC)
• and more models!

When calibrating the mileage in these instrument clusters, you have two options in regards to the ABS: disable the synchronisation with the ABS, or calibrate the mileage there. So it is up to you to decide. For your convenience, we have also provided a list of supported ABS modules below and in the product's page:
• BOSCH UDS (reset to 0, after a few kilometres, the ABS will accept the IC value)
• BOSCH CAN (reset to 0, after a few kilometres, the ABS will accept the IC value)

In case your workshop or garage frequently deals with Renault vehicles, or you are specialised in working with Renault/Dacia vehicles by choice, we strongly recommend you get the RR028. It is a convenient and reliant solution for mileage calibration in Renault/Dacia vehicles. Order now: HERE.

For all owners of the RR KM package: updating to RR028 is completely FREE for you!
For all owners of the RR025: updating to RR028 is only 400 EUR!
For all owners of the RR016: updating to RR028 is 400 EUR, for which you not only get the RR025 functionalities, but also the Clio V update!

Update to the upcoming version 34.7 of the ABRITES Diagnostics for Renault/Dacia vehicles Online to access and order the latest licenses!
AVDI and active AMS are required.