Our recent advancements in FBS4 have led Mercedes-Benz to include additional protection in all DAS4 related modules to ban personalization of used modules. The goal is to impede the ability to adapt secondhand modules in FBS4 cars. Each of the modules participating in the DAS4 system has a unique serial number, visible in the Abrites FBS4 manager menu, and is used to identify and “lock” each module from the FBS4 system to one specific car. This stops the used module from being adapted to any other vehicle.

After discovering this problem, we immediately started working on a pioneering solution to make the adaptation of used modules or modules ordered for a different vehicle possible once again. Here is what the unique functionality we propose will include:
Ability to personalize ECUs in the cases where the original ECU of the vehicle is not available and NO PREVIOUSLY SAVED PERSONALIZATION DATA IS AVAILABLE.
OBD reading of personalization data for various Engine Control Modules
Personalization of “Virgin” modules when previously read personalization data is available. The type and manufacturer of the module has no relevance.
Constant updating of the supported module list is still in progress so you will be able to see more modules being added as we make progress.

Our solution will start by adding modules in groups as development is continuously being performed and will be received by all MN032 license owners with a valid AMS at no additional cost.