2023 was a dynamic year for the automotive industry and the ABRITES team responded adequately to the challenges put forth by the OEMs, developing pioneering solutions to the problems they presented you with, unmatched in the field.
Some of our best and most sought-after products were as follows:

ABRITES RH850/V850 Programmer
Once again our development department surpassed all technological limitations and created a Renesas processor programmer which can only be described as unique. The ZN085 allows working (reading and writing) with various automotive modules, equipped with RH850 and V850 processors (dashboards, BCMs, HFMs) giving automotive professionals who own it a significant competitive advantage over their peers. What's more, all the dedicated licenses for Ford (FR011), VAG (VN021), Renault (RR026), Nissan (NN010) and soon for FCA vehicles (FN024) are continuously being expanded and improved. They are the software key to guaranteed success for all workshop experts who know their way around a PCB. The ZN085 Programmer comes with all the wires required to connect to a module, NO pin lifting and NO trace cutting required and absolutely no limitations in the number of programmings!
TN014/TN015 - Key programming for 2020+ Toyota vehicles and TN016 - Key programming 2022+ Lexus vehicles
The ABRITES Diagnostics for Toyota, Lexus and Scion vehicles has always been ahead of all other tools on the market. The latest software licenses we have launched for AVDI, compatible with the vehicles from this automotive group allow effortless key programming for the latest models in a matter of minutes! 2023+ models are even supported, giving you the opportunity to work with the newest releases.
MN033 - Mercedes-Benz FBS4 Vehicles Electronic Steering Lock Repair
The ABRITES products for Mercedes-Benz vehicles present a next-level problem-solving software, which you can rely on in all situations. The MN033 offers you on-the spot solution for blocked ELVs! This license allows you to clear the critical error ("ELV Component Fault") which blocks the vehicle's electronic steering lock. And voila! You can move the vehicle and fully resolve the issue at the garage. A cheeky solution to a complex problem helping you out in sticky situations.
FN023 - Vehicle Module Synchronization
The Vehicle Module Synchronization license is a fast and effortless way to adapt modules in vehicles from the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles group, which was one of the top products of 2023. Simply synchronize the vehicle identification number of modules, such as distronic, ABS, climate control, and many more, in order to adapt them to the vehicle.
These were some of the most popular products we presented this year, but not the only ones. In 2023 we managed to launch more than 13 unmatched software licenses and innovative hardware tools which are still at the top of our industry.

Now let's look into the future!
In the past few weeks we have been sharing with you what to expect from ABRITES in 2024.

One of the most exciting news is about the MN034 - FBS4 Personalization Expert which we will be launching in the middle of January. It offers a pioneering solution to one of the biggest problems in the modern diagnostic landscape - FBS4 module adaptation. Here's what you will have using the ABRITES FBS4 Personalization Expert:
• Ability to read personalization data from MRD1, MRD2, MRG2, MRG3, CRR2, EMS74 engine control units
• Displaying FBS4 status of Electric Motors, Hybrid Modules and Starter Generators/Inverters
• Added support for making virgin and personalization of RSG48V starter generator/Hybrid when previous personalization data is available
• Ability for personalization of all types of virgin ECUs with previously available personalization data unsupported for bench programming (EMS74, MRD1, MRG1 - year 2021+)

The new MN034 - FBS4 Personalization Expert license will be FREE for all users who have acquired the MN032 license before December 13th, 2023. Customers who have acquired the MN032 after this date will NOT be able to access the MN034 for FREE, but will be able to order it online.

The FN024 will also be available for orders in January. The Key learning by RH850 dump for FCA vehicles license is designed to work with the powerful RH850/V850 Programmer for vehicles using Atmel-type keys. It will enable you to program keys for some of the most popular vehicles in the world: Fiat 500E, Alfa Romeo Tonale, Giulia and Stelvio models using the new keys.
Also, brand-new ABRITES-produced keys are on the way for Fiat 500E! News are coming very soon.
New developments for the TagKeyTool are also coming! We cannot reveal too much, but be sure that we will provide you with yet another convenient and state-of-the-art key programming tool to make your work easier and more efficient.
It has been a while since we made upgrades to the AVDI, so stay tuned for news! We have big plans for our renowned interface.
MODI, our mobile diagnostics interface, is also getting more and more updates. The first one is coming in January 2024, when all users of the MODI App will be able to access Toyota and Lexus diagnostics, and very soon afterwards - coding options! See the MODI website now:
Last but not least, the CARMON Fleet Management System has reached a new phase in its development. We have introduced the new CARMON hardware, which allows even more functionalities to be added to the telemetry tool. Check out the CARMON website for more:
This is only a tiny sneak peek into what is coming! We would like to thank all of you for the support and we hope you join us on the way to innovation in 2024!


We are pleased to confirm that EAExpo 2024 on October 25-26 at our Chioggia location will be an exceptional event, full of opportunities for the automotive community and industry professionals.

• Exploration of New Products: During the event, you will have the opportunity to preview our new products and solutions for 2024. Take a close look at the technological innovations that are shaping the future of the automotive industry.
• Advanced Interactive Workshops: Practical workshops and in-depth insights conducted by our experts are scheduled. Discover trade secrets, advanced strategies, and solutions to address daily challenges in the field of diagnostics and programming.
• Exclusive Meetings with Developers: We have organized interactive sessions with our development teams, providing the opportunity to discuss your needs directly and contribute to future developments. It's the perfect time to share feedback and suggestions.
• Hands-On Experiences: Test your skills by participating in practical challenges and live demonstrations. You will have the chance to interact directly with our tools and learn how to overcome the most complex diagnostic challenges.
• Exhibition Area and Networking: A dedicated area with interactive exhibits to experience ABRITES solutions. It will also be an ideal opportunity to connect with industry colleagues, share experiences, and establish new collaborations.
• Special Offers and Exclusive Discounts: On the occasion of EAExpo 2024, we will provide special offers and exclusive discounts for all participants. Take advantage of this opportunity to access our cutting-edge technologies with unique benefits.

We are committed to making EAExpo 2024 a crucial stop for all automotive technology enthusiasts. Stay tuned for further details and surprises that will make this event unforgettable!
See you at EAExpo 2024 in Chioggia!