Ah January, if you are in the northern hemisphere studies show that this is the most depressing month of the year. That being said, I plan on throwing that notion out the window. Since all the commotion around the new year has started to dry out and the decorations are moving neatly back into their garage boxes we have to move forward. We need to get motivated and get back in the saddle to sort out people’s cars. For 2024 we have prepared a lot of cool things for you but you know what they say about the best laid plans of mice and men, don’t you? Anyway, let’s not slip into our lazy shoes again but rather get started.

First, I want to thank all those people who chose to work with us during our winter promo, those who became our customers during this time give us motivation to one up ourselves this year.
Of course, we cannot forget our loyal customers, partners and all the guys and gals who have been the backbone of our organization for eighteen years. Thank you all. I sincerely hope we manage to meet your expectations in 2024.
Now that we are back in our working overalls, we wanted to let you know about a couple of initiatives that will 100% happen during this year.

First of all, starting late January or early February we will be organizing the onboard training for all our new customers. Many of those who have bought AVDI in the past winter sale will have the chance to get familiar with the tool you bought because we want you to realize it to its full potential. We want you to be able to use all the power that is in your hands because I am sure you do not know all the features your AVDI has without you even suspecting it. We will be conducting those in groups so look for an invitation in your mailbox. The training will be conducted in a few groups, and we will be doing a presentation of all the things that come with the AVDI as standard. Maybe you bought it to do just Smart cars and you did not realize that you have Honda or Mercedes functions included. Maybe you just work with VAG cars, but your neighbor drives a Peugeot, and they keep asking you to retrofit fog lights to it – well, that’s the kind of functions we will talk about – the unrealized added value of a tool you have already paid for. Besides, the AVDI FAN Youtube channel will have a similar video, talking about the base AVDI package and what comes in it.

Second order of business – the upgrades to the SPS plan. I created a whole blog dedicated to SPS Plus which you can read HERE. SPS will continue to develop and grow. We grew our support team in 2023 to be able to support the improvements we have planned – as the great philosophers of Daft Punk once said – Taller, better, faster, stronger. We created and conducted internal training sessions for all our support members to improve the service you receive. Our developers were the people who conducted the training sessions and allowed for even more knowledge for our support team. This is yet another reason why the support plan will give you even more than what you paid for in 2024.

Third – we have been working on a whole new training platform with active training sessions in our training facilities in Italy and France. I know this limits the training to mostly European customers but with today’s globalized world so we will be seeing some of you guys live during the training sessions we will have. These training sessions will be both in classroom and practical format. You will be able to experience our new functionality firsthand and you will be able to hear from the developers why they created the new software the way they did. You will gain a deep understanding of the ideology behind various manufacturers’ diagnostic structures, and you will be a part of the process we take to create our tools.

All in all an exciting year for those of us who want to improve our knowledge about AVDI and the Abrites diagnostic software. As these topics come closer to the dates set for them we will be posting more blog posts detailing the specifics of the training plans so that you can set a few days for training. The thing I am currently most excited about is the first of the series training sessions where we will be discussing the topic of the AVDI and what you get with it. Please get in touch with us to share your needs and what you want to see in terms of information flow via the blog post.

At the end of this week’s ramble, I just wanted to share that our blog managed to reach number one in the chart for automotive diagnostics blogs and pops up right on top. This is all because of you guys, the ones who read it. Oh, and by the way we have a few surprises ready for you in 2024 so make sure you watch this space. Once again, thank you all!

Until next week – take care and have fun at work,