In today’s fast paced world, we can almost never catch a break. Work, bills, even family and friends can sometimes get too much for us to handle. There is a whole industry built around “making” you calm – sensory deprivation tanks, underwater yoga, hot rocks massages, breathing exercises, relaxation classes and acupuncture. Every single one of which promises outstanding results but sooner, rather than later instead of being a relief for your mind just turns it into the next wave of stress to hit you. This is before even discussing the pharmaceutical industry chiming in with a set of quick “not at all addictive” solutions. We are all too familiar with stress towards the end of 2023. I am sure you will agree with me that relaxation and calm don’t come from the outside but rather from within one’s own mind. This why although sometimes beneficial to your health will never resolve your problems. You are the master of your mind.

I will not even pretend to be offering you any of these today – no, my friend. I respect you guys way too much to even think about pushing snake oil. What I am going to talk to you about is that although we cannot help you lose the stress of everyday life, we can certainly make the claim that we do care about our customers, and we try to relief stress wherever we can. We try to release a free new function for existing customers here and there, we try to add as much vehicles as possible to our support lists, we basically want you guys to know that we stand by you when you need us.
Our new SPS+ subscription plan offers exactly that. SPS+ was made available just for this purpose. How does SPS+ differ from its predecessor – SPS. It includes the following great benefits:
Unlike SPS, SPS+ offers you the ability to replace your AVDI free of charge for the 12 months of support coverage. In case something goes wrong or the AVDI is stolen you can rest assured we will make sure to replace your interface. All you need to cover is shipping, other than that we will replicate all your licenses onto a new interface and send that to you.

Apart from the insurance part where we will replace your interface should the need arise; we also have more benefits for you. We will send you a new set of software links with a higher priority should you need them.
As it has always been before SPS + includes 12 months of full, customer support via the Abrites ticketing system which includes opening your own tickets, email and Whatsapp support for the full year.
SPS+ will come at a price of 350 EURO per year and will replace the regular – Support Plan Service. SPS remains unrelated to the AMS (annual maintenance subscription) but compliments it neatly. Like I said, I do not want to push products down your throat, all I am offering is the truth.

Namely that whenever you have an issue with AVDI we are here to help. This service has a price, but we add value to the price by helping you out and prioritizing your needs.
All customers who currently have the standard SPS will be upgraded to SPS+ free of charge, so congratulations to you guys, who still have SPS active.  Thank you for believing in us and the service we provide.
Well that pretty much wraps the important details around SPS+. It is an upgrade on the standard support plan and replaces it completely. Now before our ways part again for another week  and before you start thinking of me as an infomercial host I must add two very important things:
1. We now have a black weekend offer available, before you ask, yes, it is predominantly hardware driver but you get a voucher, which you can use later this year to get an even better deal.
2. Everyone who buys an AMS (annual maintenance subscription during our Black Weekend will get SPS+ completely free. I mean – we have you covered from all angles 😊


Until next week, wonderful people who take 5 minutes out of your week for me, thank you!