Toyota Smart System Reset Utility - Another Win For Democracy

Let’s talk about restrictions and regulations – the necessary evil of all things good in the world. I recently saw a film about Switzerland where on a lovely Swiss Sunday morning two police officers were on a special mission – their job for the day was to go out and look for people who were throwing their home garbage away in street garbage bins and fining them. Because Switzerland has a very strict set of rules about what you can and cannot do, where you can and cannot do it as well as the “why” you are doing anything. Since the Swiss are perhaps one of the most developed societies – this works for them, there cannot be real freedom without order and regulations. On the hand there is another very developed society where they cherish freedom more than anything else. This also works for them. Get your bold eagle hat on – we are going to talk about the United States today. More specifically we are going to talk about a Bulgarian solution to a Japanese problem in the United States. 

If you know anything about the US of A you will certainly know that they have this thing called a Constitution, this constitution has amendments which are designed to provide the united states citizens with specific right – we all know about their second amendment – allowing Americans to have firearms so that they can protect themselves, loved ones, and homes against bad people and the oppression of a tyrannical government (bold eagle intensifies). But they also have different acts and bills in place to provide Americans with additional freedom. For example, the “Right to repair act”. Here is how it is defined:

Definition. Right to repair refers to the concept that end users, business users as well as consumers, of technical, electronic, or automotive devices should be allowed to freely repair these products.

We, at Abrites strongly support this stance of the United States because it is just right to have the right to repair something that you have paid for yourself, instead of relying on the monopoly of corporations and their official workshops. This is why in the USA you are allowed to reset a smart system in a Toyota vehicle whereas in the rest of the world you are not. This is why in the upcoming update of the Abrites Diagnostics for Toyota online (version 34.8) we will be able to provide you with the ability to reset a smart system of the AA key type. 
The Immobilizer and Smart Key Reset is a feature that allows the registration of new keys when all master keys are lost. Once the system is reset, all previously registered keys will be erased. 

If ever you have all the time in the world and you are wondering what to do you can look at Toyota Informational System (TIS) service bulletin T-SB-0057-18 Rev2 which explains how you can use GTS+ (Global Techstream…plus) to perform this operation. This is great, they allow it, but the problem becomes really apparent when you realize – you are not a Toyota dealer, and you cannot obtain the following:
-    Complete a request form per VIN (valid for 24h).
-    Wait for approval by two managers.
-    Then start working on the car you have with you.
-    Wait for access to the GTS+ servers and hope the procedure goes through.

This is where we at Abrites come in to assist you! Using our Smart System Reset tool we now provide a solution for Smart System Reset for US market cars where All Keys Lost procedures do not require the replacement of all related modules. We do this completely by OBD. The communication is between the car and the Abrites Diagnostics for Toyota/ Lexus Online via the AVDI interface. The Smart Systems we currently support are the AA types. These are typically produced after 2019. In addition, we are still working on adding the same functionality for the “BA” and “B9” key type smart system for Toyota and Lexus vehicles.
In the spirit of democracy and support for freedom and democracy we are most happy to announce that the Toyota Smart System Reset Utility will be FREE for all AVDI customers with a valid AMS.

Until next week,