Automotive manufacturers are great, most of the time. They innovate and create new and exciting modes of transportation, but there is one thing that cannot be denied. Once they sell you a car, they want to be the only ones servicing it. Arguably they stand to make a bigger profit during their warranty period than when they sold it to you in the first place. This approach inevitably leads to a monopoly in servicing a vehicle. Solving this problem is one of the driving forces behind Abrites’ motivation. We have always aimed to provide an alternative to the automotive professionals so that you can provide a dealer level or higher service to your customers. This puts us in a grand master game of development chess with the manufacturers and from what I can share with you there are very few unanticipated moves.

Abrites Personalization Expert is a unique solution we will be bringing to this chess board. Ever since we came out with the FBS4 manager (license MN032) we knew there was going to be a response so when that response came, we were thinking of our next move. What am I talking about? Here we go.

Sometime this year Mercedes- Benz started adding an additional layer of protection to all DAS4 modules in an attempt to stop the ability to personalize and complete any adaptations unless the module is specifically produced for the car you may be working on. Of course, this means that you can only purchase a brand new FBS4 module from an MB dealer and only adapt this module using their equipment. This “locking” of a module to a specific car is achieved by applying a special serial number code to all DAS4 modules including ECUs, DSM, TCU, 48V Starter Generator, Electric Motors, and others.

Not anymore. With the introduction of the Abrites Personalization Expert we can now say that the ability to adapt used modules will be available to every professional using AVDI and the appropriate licenses. The way we have positioned ourselves as forbearers of everything new in the automotive aftermarket left us with no choice but to come up with a pioneering solution once again to the problem. Here are the unique points of what we propose:
The new MN034 license will be received by all MN032 license owners with a valid AMS at no additional cost.
• New modules will be added as we constantly update.
• Ability to read personalization data from MRD1, MRD2, MRG2, MRG3, CRR2, EMS74 engine control units.
• Displaying FBS4 status of Electric Motors, Hybrid Modules and Starter Generators/Inverters
• Added support for making virgin and personalization of RSG48V starter generator/Hybrid when previous personalization data is available.
• Ability for personalization of all types of virgin ECUs with previously available personalization data unsupported for bench programming (EMS74, MRD1, MRG1 - year 2021+)


I say that all the time, but innovation requires not just bravery, there is one more requirement to be innovative – constant improvement and development are obligatory requirements for that, and this is exactly what we are doing. The modules from the list above are only just the beginning.
In conclusion I would like to bring you back to 1972 and remind you one of the greatest World Chess Championships where the challenger Bobby Fischer faced the spearhead of the Soviet’s 24 yearlong monopoly in chess in the face of Boris Spassky. The pressure of this final still echoes in the world of chess to this day. Imagine if they were still playing 51 years later. This is the never-ending chess game we are playing with the automotive manufacturers.

Until next week,