If Charles Darwin is to be trusted, the fifth stage in his process of evolution is Natural Selection. This finite state in the evolution of species applies very much to the modern automotive industry. Slowly but surely the world is returning to relative normality and only the strong survive. To paraphrase Mr. Darwin – Tools that are more adapted to their environment are more likely to survive and pass on the genes that aided their success. Or, in other words, if you stay in one place you are as good as dead in today’s world. Our environment pushes us to create new and exciting, easier, and more suited for everyday use.

When we started working on the CLIO V this was one of our main priorities and the first thing, we managed to overcome was the ability to do cluster calibration in the fully digital dashboard produced for the CLIO. The fully digital dashboard was there and we were excited to show what we can do with the help of our RR025 license and the CB021 cable we were able to achieve just that for the whole CLIO 5 family.

One might think that once you achieve success in a certain field you can get comfortable and stop evolving and developing. This goes strongly against the principles of Darwinism and also the ideas of Abrites and how we do things here. What you will see today is the next step in cluster calibration of the French manufacturer from Renault and their related companies from Dacia, Samsung, and, of course, Nissan. RR028 will serve to unite and evolve two previous licenses. These are namely the RR016 and RR025. The new RR028 will have all the functionality of the two existing licenses and build upon them by adding support for calibration in Clio V with Calsonic Kansei/Marelli (the ones equipped with mechanical dials). Although these were previously supported by dump, they are now added directly to the OBD support list. The RR028 will continue to require CB012 or CB021 for the Clio V, Captur II, and New Zoe models.

The full functionality of the new RR028 license is as follows:

Instrument Cluster mileage calibration
Instrument Cluster replacement
ABS/ESC mileage calibration or reset to 0
ABS/ESC replacement
Supported models:
Clio V, Captur II, New Zoe (Calsonic Kansei/Marelli, Visteon IC)
Talisman, Megane IV, Scenic IV, Espace V, Kadjar (Visteon, VDO IC)
Clio IV, Captur, Trafic III (Visteon IC)
Logan II, Sandero II, Lodgy, Dokker (Visteon/JCI IC)
Master III, Master III Ph2 (Visteon/JCI IC)
Twingo III (monochrome Visteon/JCI IC)
Megane III, Fluence (JCI, VDO IC)
Laguna III (JCI IC)
and more models

Please note that not all ABS modules are supported. The following ABS/ESC are supported:
BOSCH UDS (reset to 0, after a few kilometres, the ABS will accept the IC value)
BOSCH CAN (reset to 0, after a few kilometres, the ABS will accept the IC value)
In short RR028 adds the new functionality to all the existing functions and combines them to make a totally new license, completely by diagnostics. This evolution will give you the confidence to know that you are 100% adapted to the environment of the fast paced diagnostic world and we can be safe to know that we have made Mr. Darwin proud by providing you with the right tool for the job.

I am not sure if Darwin would agree with me on this one but the best part is that the RR028 will be completely free for people who already have the RR KM pack (or RR016 and RR025 with active AMS). One thing is for sure, though - having extra functionality for existing customers free of charge will allow said customers to have a competitive advantage which is how natural selection works.

In case you are missing the CB021 or CB012 you can get them from the online shop.

Until next time, try to have fun while working,