There was once a time when you were able to get a spare part and replace it with a new or used one and you would be on your merry way. It is now 2023 and this is no longer the case. It started in the early 2000s when the more expensive brands started incorporating protection for their secondary module replacement. Eventually we are now faced with the reality when the less expensive car manufacturers have learned that they can make even more money from module replacement, retrofits, and upgrades. This was previously valid for the primary modules responsible for the vehicle’s ability to start and drive but now we see that brands like the FCA group move towards protecting the optional modules too. For the modules related to the BCMs of the vehicles of the FCA we have our solution with proxi alignment and you can read more on this matter in the blog post from October 2021 HERE.

Today the focus of our attention will shift towards the optional modules in FCA vehicles. Especially today I would like to tell you more about the new FN023 license which allows you to adapt many modules to FCA cars. Here is how it works:

- FN023 allows you to perform VIN change and synchronization to new and secondhand modules in FCA vehicles.

So, what modules would you expect to be able to adapt using FN023?
- You can work on replacing the ABS, climate control, distance control modules and many others.

What cars can you work on?
-    For the moment we have tested the following cars, don’t worry they are certainly many others supported up to 2020:

Alfa Romeo:
-    Giulia
-    Stelvio
-    Giulietta

-    Renegade

-    500
-    500L
-    500X
-    Panda 319 MK4 (3rd generation)
-    Doblo 263 (2nd generation)
-    Fiorino/Qubo 255 (3rd generation)
-    Ducato 250 (3rd generation)

In conclusion I need to tell you guys that the Module Synchronization should not be mistaken for the PROXI Alignment.
Modules related to the immobilizer such as the BCM, ECU and RFH cannot be synched with the FN023.
PROXI Alignment, on the other hand requires FN021, however the function is required for retrofits as well as the car configuration options required for retrofitting parts.  For this reason we suggest that you get FN021 and FN023 as a set as they are meant to work together.

Please note that because of the security gateway you will more likely than not need the CB019 and ZN038.

Until next week, everyone! In the meantime, please, fill in the blog survey.