Hardware Warranty


The present document defines the terms and conditions of validity of the warranty granted by the company Abrites Ltd., from which you in your capacity of Purchaser purchase the interface for diagnostics of motor vehicles of the brand ABRITES, hereinafter referred to for the sake of brevity “the hardware” or “the product”.  

Warranty Period

If the warranty terms and conditions pointed out below are observed, the Purchaser shall be granted a warranty of the purchased hardware of the brand ABRITES for the term of two years. The warranty period shall enter into force as of the date of the invoice.

Limited Warranty for the Hardware and Liability 

Abrites Ltd. hereby grants you a warranty (if you are the first purchaser of the hardware) which covers all components contained in the box which you have received. The warranty covers all defected materials and production defects for a period of two years as of the date of purchasing (“the warranty period”).    The international warranty of the manufacturer covers all expenses related to the restoring of a product which has been proved defective to its original specifications by means of repair or substitution of defected parts, as well as the costs incurred in connection with the repair works.  At the discretion of Abrites Ltd., the purchaser may be provided with a new hardware product instead of the defected product being repaired. The liabilities of Abrites and your potential claims shall be limited to repair or substitution of the hardware according to the terms and conditions of the present warranty. 


The purchaser is the only person entitled to this warranty issued by Abrites. If the purchaser returns hardware covered by the present warranty in compliance with Chapter 4 within the applicable warranty period and after having conducted a technical analysis Abrites shall decide on the grounds of valid evidence that the hardware does not fulfill the requirements of this warranty, Abrites shall, at its own discretion, either repair or substitute the hardware or its defected part. If Abrites shall choose to substitute the product but is not at state of doing so, as the product is no longer manufactured or unavailable in stock, Abrites may substitute the hardware with a similar hardware product (in which case the design and product specification of the hardware product may vary from those of the original hardware product).

This limited warranty shall only apply if the hardware has been properly connected and used within the frames of the working scope and the environment conditions, as pointed out in the technical specifications and instructions for use. Abrites will cooperate for the technical solution of the problems. The warranty shall not apply to damages and defects caused by natural disaster, misuse, improper use, unusual use, negligence, failure to observe the instructions for use issued by Abrites, modifications of the device, repair works performed by unauthorized persons. The warranty shall not cover the common amortization of the device and the following cases:

damage and improper functioning because of incompatible electricity supply (different from the one specified on the device);

fire, flood, thunder storm, etc.

mechanical damage and overload;

penetration of water into the device.


Abrites shall preserve its right to come up with a final decision regarding the validity of each warranty claim. If Abrites so requests, the products which do not comply with the requirements or the defected products will become property of Abrites immediately after such products are substituted by Abrites.

Warranty Claims

All warranty terms mentioned above shall be valid in case a representative of Abrites has access to the defected product with the purpose of confirming such defect. The warranty claims should be announced and the products should be returned to Abrites within 30 days as of the date the defects have been established, whereby, at least the following information should be given (additional information may also be required):

details of the defected product;

date of the invoice;

detailed description of the problem, number and percentage of defects;

use, working hours and working cycles;

Lack of Implicit and Other Warranties 

The warranty and the remedies provided for in the terms and conditions of the limited warranty, represent the only warranty granted by Abrites with respect to the products; this warranty shall replace all other explicit or implicit warranties, including, but not limited to, sales warranties or warranties for fitness for use for a specific purpose, whereby, the present warranty shall wave all such warranties. Abrites shall not be liable for loss of data or functionality, benefits foregone, losses or damages, caused by the Purchaser or by a third party resulting from the use of the hardware and irrespective of whether such damages are direct, indirect, special or accidental.

The present terms and conditions determine the whole liability and all obligations of Abrites with respect to the purchaser and shall represent the sole and exclusive means of compensation to which the latter is entitled in connection with the defected products or with the products which do not satisfy the requirements which Abrites has granted to the client, regardless of whether such damages are grounded on any warranty whatsoever which has not been explicitly mentioned in the present terms and conditions, on a violation of the law, of the provisions of a contract or on any other legal principle, even if such defects have been announced to Abrites and Abrites is aware of them.

Limitations and Conditions 

The present document is a limited warranty and excludes any specific, side or indirect damages such as benefits foregone, property damage or other expenses not explicitly mentioned herein. Upon request the representatives of Abrites shall be granted access to the defected product with the purpose of confirming the defect.