ZN073 - BDM Programmer


Code: ZN073

Category Additional Cables And Adapters

The ZN073 BDM Programmer is an adapter that is connected to the ZN030 ABPROG Programmer and cannot be used individually. It allows reading/writing of PFlash and DFlash of EDC16XX, MED9.X and other ECUs on bench. 
Currently, the following MCU processors are supported for reading/writing:

- MPC555/556 Flash
- MPC555/556 CMF A/B Shadow Rows
- MPC533/534/564 CMF Flash
- MPC533/534/564 Shadow Row
- MPC535/536/565/566 CMF Flash
- MPC535/536/565/566 CMF A/B Shadow Rows
- MPC5XX External Flash (58BW016XX, AMDXX, Intel28XX, Micron
58BW016XX, Numonyx 58BW016XX, Spansion 29CXX, ST 58BW016XX)
- MPC5XX External EEPROM (ST 95640, ST 95320, ST 95160, ST 95080)

Requirements: AVDI Interface, ZN030 and valid AMS.