VN022 - MQB RH850 Non-ImmoV Dashboards odometer (Golf 8 generation)

VN022 - MQB RH850 Non-ImmoV Dashboards odometer (Golf 8 generation)

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Unmatched RH850 writing capabilities!
Requirements AMS I18 VN021

The VN022 license is developed to work with the ABRITES RH850/V850 Programmer for writing mileage data in non-ImmoV dashboard odometers. This functionality is suitable for VW Golf 8 generation vehicles, allowing the odometer calibration in Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Skoda and other VAG vehicles on the same platform.


  • RH850 processor odometer writing in Continental/VDO dashboards (not related to the Immobilizer)

Supported vehicles:

  • VW Golf 8
  • other vehicles from the VAG group from the same generation

(where the immobilizer is not integrated in the dashboard)

In order to perform the procedure, you will need the ZN085 ABRITES RH850/V850 Programmer. When working with these processors, make sure to follow the wiring diagrams available in the software!
AVDI, active AMS and VN021 license are required.

  • Audi A3 MK4
  • Seat Leon MK4
  • Leon Cupra MK1
  • Skoda Octavia MK4
  • Other VAG models based on the same platform.
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