TN011 - Key programming for 2018+ Toyota Camry/Corolla

TN011 - Key programming for 2018+ Toyota Camry/Corolla


Code: TN011

Category Toyota/Lexus/Scion
Requirements AMS I18

Special function TN011 is the breakthrough of the ABRITES team with regard to key programming in the latest generation of Toyota vehicles. Pre-order it now at a discounted price and be the first to receive it on 8 November 2021!

Using special function TN011 will allow customers to program keys to Toyota Camry and Toyota Corolla vehicles produced after 2018. Both ALL KEYS LOST and spare key situations are covered by special function TN011. No additional subscriptions (dealer access) are required to complete the key programming procedure. 

Depending on the transponder type in the vehicle, either a DST-AES or a HITAG-AES emulator will be required.

An AVDI interface with a valid AMS subscription, a ZN002 PROTAG Programmer and CB012 cable are required for the purchase of the special function.