TA31 - Abrites extractor


Code: TA31

Category Transponders and Keys

The TA31 extractor by Abrites is the successor of the TA26 Abrites extractor, developed in order to assist with the extraction of PIN codes from Hyunday/Kia vehicles and the 7th Component Protection byte from VAG vehicles as well as with additional functionality such as cloning of HiTAG2 keys. This functionality and its usage have been described in the user manuals for VAG and Hyundai.
You can use the TA31 to reduce the time to extract the 7th CP byte from various VAG vehicles such as the Passat B6/CC where the extraction time is reduced to about a minute in all keys lost situations (when you have the first 6 CP bytes from the ECU).
This adapter will also help with the password extraction for the PIN from working keys in Hyundai/KIA vehicles. Please note that you will require the correspondent ABRITES software, as well as a PROTAG programmer in order to use the TA31 extractor. For more details – please check the user manuals.
It can also be used to clone Hitag II transponders to TA31 instead of using TPX3/4. This is done using Key Clone in the Tag Key Tool. Once the key is learned, a U-Shaped KeyLine blade for the TA31 head can be cut and used to start the car.