JL006  - Key programming for MY 2020+ JLR vehicles

JL006 - Key programming for MY 2020+ JLR vehicles

SKU: JL006
JL006 - Key programming for JLR vehicles with K8D2 KVM
Requirements AMS I18

Special function JL006 gives users the ability to program keys to the latest JLR vehicles with J9C3 and K8D2 RFAs with a disarmed alarm.

Supported vehicles:

  • Land Rover Defender 2020+
  • Range Rover Evoque 2020+
  • Jaguar E-Pace 2020+

The supported vehicles' list also includes cars using the following KVMs:

  • K8D2 2020+
  • J9C3 2018+

The JL006 license works as a standalone function and no other key programming licences are required to complete the key learning process.
The AVDI, the PROTAG Programmer, a valid AMS subscription and the CB012 internal CAN-BUS cable set are required in order to use the JL006. Connection to the internal CAN-BUS is required and the vehicle has to be disarmed in order for the procedure to be successful.
Please, refer to the Abrites Diagnostics for Jaguar/ Land Rover User Manual when performing this procedure.

Jaguar/Land Rover User Manual

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