CR006 - Instrument Cluster Data Advanced Configuration

CR006 - Instrument Cluster Data Advanced Configuration


Code: CR006

Category Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep
Requirements AMS I18

 With the help of the CR006 you will be able to perform Instrument cluster calibrations, advanced configurations, reading and updating of the configuration memory and updating of various information and configurations in different engine control units. Please note that if you do not see the vehicle you need in the supported list it is probably based on the new FCA (FIAT/Chrysler Automobiles) platforms and you will need to look for it under the FN013 special function.

N.B. Please note that you will require an AVDI interface with an active AMS in order to use this special function. Absolutely no tokens required.

List of supported vehicles:

Neon (1998-2005) - Requires J1850 Adapter
Volkswagen Routan (2009-2012)
Calibration in Engine Control Unit SRI-3
Calibration in Engine Control Unit SRI-4
Calibration in Engine Control Unit SRI-5 (2006-2011)
Calibration in Engine Control Units (SRI) all versions (2011+)
PCM - EDC15C2 (2000-2005)
Crossfire (1999 with VDO dash)

300C 2004+
300C (2011+)
300M - Requires J1850 Adapter
Aspen (2007)
Pacifica (2007)
PT Cruiser (2002-2006) - Requires J1850 Adapter
PT Cruiser (2006 +)
Voyager (-2007) - Requires J1850 Adapter
Voyager 2007+
Town and Country (2007-2010)

Avenger 2007+
Avenger (2011+)
Caravan 2007+
Caliber 2007+
Charger 2007+
Dakota (2004-2006)
Durango (2004-2006)
Durango 2007+
Durango (2011+)
Grand Caravan (2011+)
RAM (2001 - 2006)- Requires J1850 Adapter
RAM (2006 – 2012)
Journey (2011+)

Commander 2005+
Grand Cherokee (2002-2004) - Requires J1850 Adapter
Grand Cherokee 2005+
Cherokee (2002-2006) - Requires J1850 Adapter
Cherokee (2007-2011)
Cherokee (2011+)
Liberty (2007-2010)
Patriot (2007-2012)
Compass (2007-2009)
Wrangler (2007-2012)
Laredo (2007-2011)