CB013 - ECU bench connection cable set

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CB013 - ECU bench connection cable set

Thе CB013 cable set for bench connection to ECUs is a proprietary hardware, designed, developed and produced by ABRITES. It is required when reading the ISN of ECUs in BMW vehicles on bench, as well as reading the PIN code of the Engine Control Unit in PSA vehicles, manufactured after 2001. This cable set is used to connect the AVDI to the Engine Control Unit.

Supported brands:

  • BMW
  • Peugeot
  • Citroën
  • other PSA-based platforms


Supported BMW ECUs include:

  • MSD80
  • MSD81
  • MSD82
  • MSV81
  • MSV82
  • (not used with MSV80 ECUs as the ISN is read by OBDII for it)

Supported PSA ECUs include:

  • All Engine Control Units 2001-2021+


What's inside:

  • CAN L (blue wire) - used for connection to CAN Low
  • CAN H (red wire) - used for connection to CAN High
  • B+ connector (yellow wire) – one terminal is used for +12V, the other for IGN
  • GND connector (black wire)

These procedures require the CB106 cable. AVDI Interface and active AMS is required to purchase this prod

Engine Control Unit Programming tool User Manual