The ABRITES diagnostics for Porsche is an unmatched automotive software solution developed to cater for the needs of the Porsche specialist. As a leader in vehicle diagnostic tools, we at ABRITES have developed a comprehensive tool capable of OEM-level diagnostics and advanced functionalities. ABRITES software supports Porsche vehicles from the early 2000’s until 2017’s. Abrites Team also boasts support for the 918 Spyder, along with its’ hybrid system version.


The standard diagnostic capabilities of the ABRITES diagnostics for Porsche are incredibly versatile and useful. They include reading and clearing diagnostic trouble codes (DTC), live data, actuator testing, ECU adaptation, module adaptation, and the invaluable key programming and renewal of used keys option. Once connected to AVDI (ABRITES Vehicle Diagnostic Interface), the software performs automatic vehicle identification and scanning of the installed components.

ABRITES products support all Porsche diagnostic protocols and allows updating the Flash and Configuration data of the electronic control units.





The ABRITES special function PO008 Advanced diagnostics is one of several non-OEM tools on the market, which presents an array of useful functions in one software product. PO008 is capable of coding, configuration, adaptation of control units, key programming, PIN code calculation, key and remote control programming. One of its advantages is that it allows programming of used HITAG 2 type keys, which is a major game changer it terms of price.

The procedure is intuitive and user-friendly, guiding users through the process by step-by-step on-screen messages.




One of the most impressive functionalities, made possible by the ABRITES diagnostics for Porsche is the module replacement function. The PO009 ABRITES special function is unique among the available aftermarket solutions, enabling users to perform ECU replacement in Porsche vehicles, as well as PIN code calculation and component protection adaptation. Using this function Porsche ECUs can be replaced with a new or a used one, which makes this tool incredibly useful.

Headlights replacement is rendered simplistic and effective, solving a common issue Porsche specialists face.




The ABRITES software solution for Porsche is unmatched in terms of versatility, compared to other available non-OEM tools. ABRITES special function PO006 enables users to read and update internal control module configuration memory by diagnostics, as well as recalibrate control unit working characteristics, such as working time, and mileage in different generations staring from the 996/986 911 Carrera/Boxster model and reaching the 970 Panamera and 9PA Cayenne models, including the 997 911 Carrera vehicles and Carrera GT.
Thanks to our team’s dedication, we are constantly working on improving the capabilities of this solution and expanding the list of supported vehicles.





In order to better understand what makes us better than our competitors you should look at the concept of ABRITES. Our solution includes the AVDI (ABRITES vehicle diagnostic interface) and our own software which is divided in “Standard diagnostics” and “Special functions”. This system works on any Windows based computer (we prefer to use Windows 10) where you install the ABRITES diagnostic software and connect the AVDI interface with the OBD to the vehicle. Using standard diagnostics users can perform fault code reading, fault code clearing, read live data, perform actuator tests and read all possible details in a vehicle’s electronic control system such as manufacturing date and flash version.

We support all Porsche diagnostic protocols – K WP2000 on K-Line with fast initialization, KWP2000 on CAN, CAN UDS, KWP2000 on TP2.0 (CAN), CAN KWP2000 on TP16, KWP2000 on K- Line with slow initialization. When you connect the ABRITES diagnostics for Porsche to the vehicle the software automatically detects the vehicle and performs an electronic module scan in order to read the details of all electronic modules in the car so as to make the job easier for you to start working directly.

What we call standard diagnostics is our first step - we let you read all the details of the electronic modules, perform reading and clearing of DTCs, view live data and test actuators to get the best picture of the diagnostic situation in the vehicle. Our mode of operation is based on over 12 years of constant vehicle diagnostics development. We have been developing the ABRITES diagnostics for Porsche for more than 10 years and we can safely say that we really know Porsche vehicles and all they have to offer diagnostically.

ABRITES solves not just the standard diagnostic problems a Porsche specialist may face. We also have a solution for electronic control unit replacement. We can assist you to replace an engine control unit (ECU) in a Porsche vehicle in just a few minutes both with new and used units. Using a previously used unit, of course, poses the issue of operating hours from the replacement ECU. This is another thing we can assist with again purely by diagnostics.

Updating the Flash and Configuration data of the electronic control units in Porsche.

Using the ABRITES diagnostics for Porsche you can read and write the flash files and the configuration data files in Porsche vehicles to aid module replacement as well as open a door for chip tuning and flash management.

Another one of our strong points is key learning. Using our software you can perform key learning to Porsche vehicles – the 911 range, Panamera, Cayenne, Boxter, Cayman, Macan and even the flagship 918 Spyder are all covered by our software. The procedures are described in our user manual and with a bit of extra work you can also reuse HITAG 2 types of keys which drives the costs of key learning down.

One of the latest features we have is to solve the problem with the adaptation of the headlights. As you surely know Cayenne and Panamera headlights are unfortunately notoriously easy to be removed from the car which is a problem. With current main dealer rates we see many end customers driving with no headlights on their cars. We have a solution. We offer our headlights replacement function in order for the Porsche specialist to be able to replace the headlights on Panamera and Cayenne cars directly by diagnostics.