We are glad to announce another breakthrough from our Software Development Team:
VCU (Electric Vehicle Control Unit) Neutralization is now available for ALL Hyundai/KIA EVs!

Using the HK010 license for Advanced Module Neutralization you can not only neutralize the smart system, ECU, ESCL, and PDM (for vehicles with a smart key), but also the Smartra module and immobilizer (for vehicles with mechanical keys). And now with the latest update, ALL owners of the HK010 license and active AMS can neutralize the VCU (EV Control Unit) for all EVs from the automotive giant!

The procedure is done on bench using AVDI and the ZN051 ABRITES Distribution Box, in combination with the CB403 cable set for direct connection. This cable set is essential for establishing communication with the module. With the help of our hardware and software, the neutralization process is made fast, easy and risk-free, without the need to open the module!

Module neutralization allows adapting the unit in another vehicle effortlessly! Keep in mind that the keys, previously programmed to the vehicle, might need to be reprogrammed once again after the installation of the neutralized module, depending on vehicle model and installed modules.

Get the HK010 now HERE! Make sure your AMS is active, in order to access all the latest updates. Stay tuned for more news!