The ABRITES Diagnostics for Toyota sees the release of ground-breaking functionality - reset of the ID Code Box completely by diagnostics for a total of 2-3 minutes. The functionality is now available for ALL Toyota vehicles including the latest generation produced after 2018 and for ID Code Boxes without an external EEPROM. There is also a notable update to the previously available functionality for vehicles up to 2014 - the procedure now takes less than 10 seconds (compared to several hours in previous versions).
The reset of the ID Code Box opens up many possibilities for those working on Toyota vehicles, mainly due to its location and the long time it takes for the vehicle to be dismantled until the ID Code Box is removed. These include:
·      key programming situations - for vehicles manufactured after 2018, where key programming requires a new set comprising an ID Code Box, Smart System and keys, users can use also second-hand Smart systems (with available keys) as a plug and play solution once the ID Code Box has been reset.
·      Smart system defect - in this case, just like in key programming situations all modules would have to be replaced. The reset of the ID Code Box allows you to exchange only the Smart system and the keys and both new and second-hand Smart systems can be used (second-hand smart systems need to have keys available).

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