The ABRITES RH850/V850 Programmer now features the amazing capability of
Writing RH850 processors in VW MQB dashboards

Get your VN021 now, and access:
• Writing RH850 processors effortlessly
• Unlimited number of reads and writes, opening the door to higher productivity
• Fast and reliable procedure - ease of operation, option to check your connection before starting to save you time

The VN021 is perfect for VW specialists, since it allows key programming (spare key), mileage recalibration, Instrument cluster exchange and sought-after retrofitting procedures (e.g. exchanging and analogue with digital instrument cluster). This license is developed to work with the ZN085 ABRITES RH850/V850 Programmer, which allows risk-free and swift work with various modules equipped with RH850 and V850 processors. The ZN085 Programmer requires NO trace cutting and NO pin lifting! You only need to remove a few capacitors and solder several wires in their places. All you need for the job is provided: wiring diagrams are available in the software, the wires you need to solder are part of the RH850/V850 Programmer’s package (CB501 cable for multiple use) and the software itself will lead your way into the procedure.

More exciting news are coming very soon, regarding the RH850/V850 Programmer. We are soon adding new functionalities, giving you more and more capabilities for completing your everyday tasks fast and easy!