We, at Abrites are stoked to invite you to our "Quantum Leap - Mercedes FBS4" Training seminar.
The seminar will be held between 01-02.06.2024 at the Abrites Italy training facility HERE.
Register now HERE!

During the two days of training we will be conducting:
Theoretical section explaining all there is to know about FBS4, including the following topics:
1.    FBS4 system introduction.
2.    FBS4 personalization methods.
3.    In- depth learning about the modules participating in the FBS4 system:
-    Ignition control module (EZS/ EIS)
-     Key
-    Engine Control Unit
-     Transmission Control Unit
-     DSM (Drive Selector Module)
-    ESL/ ELV (Electronic Steering Lock)
-     Electric Drive Motor
-     Hybrid Control Module
-    48V Starter Generator

4.    Methods and types of bringing FBS4 modules to a “Virgin” state.
5.    Offline personalization of FBS4 modules
6.    Replacing FBS4 modules when the “old” module is still available.
7.    Replacing FBS4 modules when the “old” module is no longer available.
8.    Replacing an Electronic Ignition Switch (EZS) modules and overcoming ALL KEYS LOST situations.
9.    Case studies of different situations you will face when working with FBS4 cars of different types.

Practical session where you will be able to see and feel everything you have learned in practice on real cars including:
1.    C217 (W217) S Class
2.    W213 E- Class
3.    W167/ W177 A- Class/ GLE
4.    W907 Sprinter

We can accommodate between 15 and 20 participants and aside from the training itself we will also be providing lunch, snacks and coffee during the days of traning to ensure that everyone who will participate is at full capacity to learn. The course will be conducted by members of our team including the developers behind the project so you will be able to receive all the information directly from the people who created all our FBS4 solutions.
As a result we are certain you will be able to get the confidence you need to work comfortably with Mercedes FBS4 cars which will give you a very strong advantage.
The training will be conducted in English but we also have team members who speak Italian. Register now: HERE!