Quantum Leap - Mercedes FBS4 Training Seminar

Paid Abrites-Italy

We are thrilled to invite you to our most detailed and sought after training yet, where you will learn all there is to know about Mercedes FBS4 manager, DAS personalization expert software and the hardware required to overcome the world’s most complex immobilizer and module communication system. The topic of our training seminar is the most requested by all our customers and we could not be happier to be able to provide all our knowledge and experience to you. During the two days we will have both the theory and practices of FBS4. You will have experience working on FBS4 cars firsthand and you will be prepared to do the procedures yourself by our developers and expert diagnosticians. You will get the chance to learn directly from the people who have the most in-depth knowledge of Mercedes’s Drive Authorization System.

Test Vehicles:  Mercedes-Benz C 220d (T205), Mercedes-Benz S-Class 63 AMG Coupé C217


01 Jun - 02 Jun 2024


10:00 EEST


2 days




2199 €


The course primarily focuses on

Introduction to the latest Mercedes-Benz FBS4 authorization system.

In-depth learning about the electronic modules participating in the FBS4 authorization system such as:

EZS/EIS (Electronic Ignition Switch)

ECU (Engine Control Unit)

TCU (Transmission Control Unit)

DSM (Drive Selector Module)

ESL/ELV (Electronic Steering Lock)

Electric Drive Motor

Hybrid Control Module

48V Starter Generator

Adaptation of brand new or used modules participating in the FBS4 authorization system using the ABRITES Diagnostics for Mercedes-Benz

Replacing electronic control modules with brand new modules

Replacing electronic control modules with used modules from another vehicle

Adaptation of electronic control modules when the original module is missing

Adaptation of electronic control modules when the original module is available and the data from it could be read and transferred

Adaptation of an EZS (Electronic Ignition Switch) with a working key – useful in All Keys Lost situations

Case studies of different situations you will face when working with FBS4 cars of different types. Here are some examples:

Adapting 9G VGSNAG3 gearbox on a Mercedes-Benz E-class (W213)

Adapting MRD Engine Control Unit on a Mercedes-Benz E-class (W213)

Adapting MED17.7.3 Engine Control Unit on S-class Coupé (C217)

Adapting VGS4NAG2 Transmission Control Unit on S-class Coupé (C217)

Adapting an EZS (Electronic Ignition Switch) with a working key on S-class Coupé (C217). Useful in All Keys Lost situation!

Others (e.g. separate module demonstration stands where adaptation theory can be practiced).

Targeted audience

AVDI users, Mercedes specialists


AVDI and Mercedes experience

Maximum participants



2199 € / participant

Knowledge is power

Knowledge is power

Receive all our knowledge about the Mercedes-Benz FBS4 system.

Theory and practice

Theory and practice

Put theory into practice; experience the actual procedures in real time, on real cars, full demonstration!

Innovation in action

Innovation in action

Gain the confidence you need to work on the world's most complex immobilizer system.



Chioggia (VE) via Brondolo 13/A

The location we have chosen to conduct the “Quantum leap” training seminar is the Abrites Italy office – it has the capacity to accommodate us all and the vehicles we plan to perform the work and demonstrations to. It is in the beautiful Italian town of Chioggia, just south of Venice and has all the amenities needed for the purpose.

See you there!

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By Air: Venice Marco Polo Airport (VCE).

The closest major airport to Chioggia is Venice Marco Polo Airport, located approximately 50 kilometers north of the town. As a significant international hub, it offers a wide range of European and intercontinental flights. From the airport, you have several options to reach Chioggia: Bus and Vaporetto (Water Bus): A combination of bus services to Piazzale Roma in Venice and then a vaporetto to Chioggia. Rent a Car: Rental services are available at the airport, offering a direct and scenic drive to Chioggia via the SS309 road. Taxi or Private Transfer: For convenience, consider booking a taxi or a private transfer directly to your hotel or the Expo venue.


By Train: Rovigo and Padua Train Stations.

While Chioggia itself does not have a train station, the nearest major rail hubs are in Rovigo and Padua. Both cities are well-connected to the Italian railway network, with frequent services from major Italian cities and some neighboring countries. From Rovigo or Padua, you can take a bus or rent a car to reach Chioggia: Padua: About 45 kilometers west of Chioggia, with direct bus lines to Chioggia. Rovigo: Located around 50 kilometers south of Chioggia, with regional bus services connecting the two towns.