Our MODI development team is happy to announce a long-awaited addition to the diagnostic abilities of the MODI App for Toyota and Lexus vehicles:

• Basic/Advanced Diagnostics
• Live values
• Read and clear DTCs
• Actuators
• Comprehensive health reports
• Coding options (coming in January)

These functionalities can be accessed via the Basic or Advanced diagnostics mode in the MODI App! They give you a valuable insight into the status of the car, which can also be shared with your technician and diagnostician. View live values in real time, test actuators, erase DTCs and get detailed reports on the health of your vehicle! With the next software update in January you will be able also to customize your Toyota or Lexus with full list of coding options. Stay tuned!

Download the MODI App now and enjoy all the features for standard and advanced diagnostics from HERE
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Keep in mind that the MODI hardware can be used with the FREE VIN Reader App! It gives you the ability to read ALL the VINs in the vehicle, as well as full mileage data from ALL the modules that contain it!
Download the VIN Reader App now from App Store or Google Play!