We would like to inform you that the Abrites Annual Maintenance Subscription and Support Plan Service fees will be updated as of September 1, 2022.
All users with active AMS, who renew their subscriptions until September 17th, 2022, will be charged at rates prior to the update!

What do you get with the Annual Maintenance Subscription?

• Access to all Abrites Online services
• Latest software releases
• Updates to existing functions
• Promotional releases and updates

As you know, there have been no AMS fee updates until now, although the functionalities it unlocks have been constantly growing. For example, in the last couple of months, we have managed to significantly expand the capabilities included in the basic software package, which is accessible via active AMS. A multitude of functionalities were added to the base AVDI, such as:

• VAG Immo III/Immo III+ key programming, module adaptation and mileage recalibration
• Toyota key programming for vehicles up to 2018
• Jaguar and Land Rover key programming and mileage recalibration up to 2018
• More functionalities in Porsche Online diagnostics - coding, adaptation channels
• Renault Key programming for ALL vehicles up to 2014 (including Clio IV)
• Ford Airbag clear crash data and renew
• Fiat key programming for vehicles up to 2012

And many more!

These are just a part of the functionalities available with an active AMS and AVDI! No additional licenses need to be purchased for the above.
Our team wishes to be able to provide even more with the basic AVDI package. In order to do that and offer even higher quality online services, we needed to updated the AMS fee.

Updated AMS fees, valid as of today, are as follows:

• AMS standard rate: 300 EUR
• AMS renewal date is from 2 to 6 months after expiration date: 450 EUR
• AMS renewal date is from 6 months to 18 months after expiration date: 600 EUR
• AMS renewal date is more than 18 months after expiration date: 800 EUR

Renew your Annual Maintenance Subscription  now to access all the latest updates and additional functionalities that our team is constantly developing for all of you - the automotive professionals.

The new SPS fee is valid as of today, as well. The Abrites Support Plan Service is now at 200 EUR annually. What do you get with the Abrites Support Plan Service?

•    Abrites expertise and reliability
•    Fast priority response from a team of competent professionals
•    Access to the Abrites Ticketing System
•    Unlimited number of tickets

The Abrites Support Team has their priorities set towards premium customer support and even shorter response time. Our team of experts provides high level technical assistance when it comes to using the Abrites products.
Get your Support Plan Service today and enjoy the opportunity to receive timely professional assistance from our dedicated team.

Stay tuned and achieve the impossible with us!